I love the Angels, and love to work with them.

They can help us in so many areas of our lives.

An Angel Reading can bring clarity.

An Angelic Healing can bring relief.

Angel Life Coaching can bring harmony.

A Past Life Regression can help you release old patterns.

What can I help you with?


An Angel Reading can bring you clarity.

You can ask me one question for your reading,

I will connect to the angels and write down all the insights and guidance coming through.

You will receive your Angel Reading in a pdf format for you to read and re-read as often as you need.

Learn more about my Intuitive Angel Readings

Angel Reading

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page


An Angelic Healing can bring relief and assurance.

Are you ready for your smile?

I love to call upon the Angels to help you in your life right now.

You will come back to trust and flow, as well as receiving insights and some guidance.

This healing usually takes place over Zoom,

though I am happy to connect with you offline and just tune into your energy at a certain time, in this case it is best for you to book a time during your night time, so you can relax while the healing takes place, or at least make sure you are lying down and enjoying the healing.

Angelic Healing

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page


While a reading brings you some insights,

a healing brings you some relief.

If you truly love some continues support, and lasting changes,

Angelic Life Coaching is the best option.

I offer a package of 5 sessions, for your continued angelic support.

This Angelic Life Coaching is a mixture of guidance and angelic healing, plus of course for me to listen to you, and tapping into the areas of your life that could do with some gentle loving changes.

Angelic Life Coaching

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page


Sometimes we encounter things in life we can’t place.

You might have a sense, that whatever is going on in your life right now has something to do from a previous life.

A Past Life Regression Session can help you to release some blocks or fears from a previous life, that are holding you back in your current one. 

Let’s see how we can release these blocks with the help of the angels. 

Past Life Regression

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page

Learn more about the amazing Angels in my blog posts



Angels I love and work with the angels. Do you love the angels too? How have they helped you so far?   My view on the Angels They are ethereal beings connected to the Universe, helping us humans here on earth. They keep us safe, send us guidance and signs, and...

 I am so happy to assist you on your healing journey

I am here for you

How can I serve you

Looking forward to hearing from you

Angel hugs


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