Are you looking for inner peace, calm, soul nurturing love, then my Circle is the right place for you.

Are you being called to finally connect to the love and light within you, connect with other gorgeous Lightworkers, Sensitive Souls, Earth Angels?

Do you feel called to share your light with the world, help Mother Earth and all living beings?

Then join my Circle of Love now, together we can shine even brighter

Is a safe space for you to explore, learn and become more aware of who you are.

To find your own flow

To connect to your inner truth and own inner wisdom

To thrive in your uniqueness and individuality

And most of all, to be held in a nurturing and loving group, feeling the support, this is YOUR time you give to yourself.

Who is this Circle for

Women over 40 who are looking for/to

Inner Peace and calm

Finally shine their light 

More Purpose in their lives and learn to listen to their own flow
want to connect to the love within and implement self care more regularly

Feel called to help raise the vibration of Mother Earth

love to connect with like minded women and learn, share and experience a loving community
love to connect to their intuition and learn about their next steps

We will journey along the 12 Chakras, the Golden Future and anchor these energies, keep the frequencies high and share and shine our light and love with the world. Clearing and healing each chakra is essential for your wellbeing, and will help raise your vibration.

Of course we connect to Moon Cycles, the Seasons, celebrate the Celtic Wheel and go with the elements and the archetypes

I will lovingly hold space with deep compassion for you in my Circle, so you can safely explore, learn (and unlearn) and become more aware of who you truly are, find your flow, inner wisdom, truth and your beautiful uniqueness.

We connect heart to heart, soul to soul, we connect to the love and light within us and share it with the world.

Connect to your love and light within and connect and shine bright

Allow your own Ebb and Flow and your own energy be your guide

Divine Feminine Energy
Gentle Leadership
Big Heart

We will start a new 6 month cycle, November 1st. I love to invite you to join us for a beautiful journey.

Our first gathering and healing  meditation will be on Tuesday Nov 7th at 8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm New York, 11am Pacific Time.

I ask you to join at least for 6 months, so you get the most of this journey and get into your flow.

I will only sporadically open the circle for new women to join (next time will be in May), as a safe and comfortable space is my main goal, without too much interruption. We travel and journey together as Soul Sisters.

Your meditation circles were so fabulous! Simple, yet very revealing.

During one session, I think you might have mentioned St. Germain… either way, this Ascended Master came into my meditation and reminded me of the HEALING energy I was gifted with and how I was supposed to be using that as a big part of my work. As you know, I love doing Reiki sessions and know that helping people energetically is rewarding on so many levels.

Aside from that, you lead beautiful, heart-felt, and calming meditations. Your flow is easy to relax into, the visualizations leading but with a lot of space for our subconscious minds to do their work.

I highly recommend ANY meditation led by you, Caroline. And, knowing how well meditation works to help us get in touch with our Higher Selves and internal guidance, I think a series of regular meditations is a fabulous idea that can help participants move forward in exciting ways in all areas of life.

Thanks for being you!

Susan Ellis-Saller

Business Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Souls, Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card Reader (CACRTM), Energy Therapist,



Nurturing, Loving Support, a place to simply be


Monthly Energy Forecasts (via E-mail)


Insights into Moon, Seasons, Elements, Archetypes and more


Twice a month live Zoom Gathering, where we connect, exchange and I will lead you through a deeply healing meditation. Replay is always available for you.

Tuesdays 8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm New York, 11am Pacific
You can bring into the circle whatever you need, show up just the way you are, and I am here to support you.

We will explore and meditate on the 12 Chakras, one each month, during the first gathering each month.

Our second gathering is all about connecting to the love and light within us
and share it with the world

You can lovingly let go of what is holding you back from stepping up fully. Embrace the love and light within and feel calm and at peace and connect to trust again.

During both sessions there is time to bring in your questions, worries and anything you love to receive some guidance on.

November 7 Earth Start Chakra and Meditation
November 21 Gathering and Healing

December 5 Base Chakra
December 19 Gathering and Healing

January 9 Sacral Chakra
January 23 Sacral Chakra

February 6 Naval Chakra
February 20 Gathering and Healing

March 5 Solar Plexus
March 19 Gathering and Healing

April 9 Heart Chakra
April 23 Gathering and Healing

May 7 Throat Chakra
May 21 Gathering and Healing

June 4 Third Eye Chakra
June 18 Gathering and Healing

July 9 Crown Chakra
July 23 Gathering and Healing

August 6 Causal Chakra
August 20 Gathering and Healing

September 10 Soul Star Chakra
September 24 Gathering and Healing

October 8 Stellar Gate Way Chakra
October 22 Gathering and Healing


Oracle Card Guidance


Monthly Themes


Questions to ponder and explore


Group Support – Sisterhood


A space to relax to be welcome and truly be you

My loving and compassionate presence, I am here for you throughout this process and journey.

One on One Healing Sessions at discounted price.

I invite you into this sacred circle! 

Where you can be yourself, share what is coming up and feel deeply supported, a place you learn so much about yourself and find the gifts in yourself.

Caroline Palmy creates the most loving, intuitive and soulful meditations. With inspiration from nature and fairy tales you’re guided along the paths of your inner life.

Held in a safe space you’re able to let go and allow yourself to dive deep into your inner world. It’s deeply refreshing and soul reviving and Caroline keeps supporting you between the meditations.

I warmly recommend Caroline to anyone who has a longing to connect to their inner world, to find their own path in a stressful, confusing world.

Borit Karlsson

Yoga Instructor,

Themes for the months (Apart from connecting to a chakra):

tentatively, as I love to sense into the energy of the group, get insights and feedback and go with the flow

November   Dive Within and Heal (Grief)  Samhain
December   Rest and Holiday Sparkle   Winter Solstice
January    Cosy Up, connect to your inner warmth and strength
February   Slowly Awakening, gentle with new sprouts   Imbolc
March   Celebrate and Balance  Spring Equinox
April   Rebirth and grow
May   Spread Your Wings / Dance    Beltane
This is an open-ended circle, we are never done exploring and learning more about ourselves.

You have the option of joining for 6 months or directly for a year, while you can continue or take a break.

Themes for the months: (continued)

May   Bloom in your uniqueness  Beltane
June   Shine bright   Summer Solstice
July    Relax Summer ease
August   Adjust, Back to school   First Harvest
September   Accept Changes   Autumn Equionox

October   Letting Go Welcoming Change and autumn

This is an open-ended circle, we are never done exploring and learning more about ourselves.

Being in a circle is not just attending a healing webinar, it is being held and supported through the months and riding the waves together.

I bring in all of me:

Of course themes like Self Compassion, Self Care, Self Love and Self Worth are always present.

I love the Angels, Fairies, Mermaids, Mother Earth, the Universe, I work with Chakras, Energy, I know how important valuing our feelings are, they are always here to give insights.

I always love to share insights, and I am happy to answer your questions while we journey together.

I lovingly hold space for you, so you can feel safe and accepted and evolve.

A place you don’t have to hold back, a safe space for you to hang out with soul sisters, a place you are truly welcome listened to, and a place you can hang out with like minded women.


A place where you can just share without being judged, a place you can relax, have a cup of tea and feel welcome.

Yes it is place to hang out with like minded women, a place you feel understood and a place you might finally be able to relax and feel like you are fitting in, rather than sticking out or having to behave a certain way for you to feel like you are part of it.

A circle to exchange, a circle of love, to feel love and share the love.

Caroline’s Circle of love is all of this and so much more, it is a healing place, a learning place a place to share and gather and a true circle of love:


I will hold you in a safe and nurturing space, a beautiful loving circle


I help you to connect to the love and light within you, so you can shine bright


I help you to lovingly let go and tap into your inner peace, calm and trust again

We will tap into the phases of the moon, the seasons, the celtic wheel, elements, archetypes and the energy.
You will get reminders of upcoming Full Moons and other events.
You will learn how you can stay in your own energy, differentiate between what is you and what is coming from someplace else.

Twice a month we will meet in meditation and healing circle, a beautiful space to open up and asking for support and share, or a circle to just be and take it all in.

I will hold a beautiful meditation and healing group session during that time, we will release, and allow ourselves to be, tap into our own power and uniqueness.
We will tap into the themes of each month, as we go along, as I learned that planning it too much in advance is not suitable, I rather check in with you and see what you need each month, and also feel into the energy to guide us best through each month.
We go with the flow, with the phases of the moon, the seasons, the elements, archetypes, the celtic wheel and the energies.
Hi Caroline, I appreciate all the care and preparation you give to leading us through a weekly meditation. The women you have gathered are wonderful heart-centered and open people. I enjoy meeting and knowing them through your guidance. Thank you for ALL you give to ALL of us. I would like to continue meeting with you for your 6 month journey.

Caroline led us in a wonderful “freeing” meditation today. Ask her when she is offering this gift again, it is so worth your time!



You can join on a monthly, 6 months or yearly basis:

Join with monthly payment of $44

As a bonus you receive my Self-Love Modules as a gift:

(One pament per month)

Join with 6 months Payment – $244

As a bonus you receive my Self-Love Modules + a 30 minute Group Distance Healing as a Gift:

(One payment for the next 6 months)

Join with Yearly Payment – $477

As a bonus you receive my Self-Love Modules + a 30 minute one on one Energy Clearing Session as a Gift:

(one payment for the next 12 months)



Support in a Facebook group, a safe space to ask and share


Monthly emails with forecasts/reminders on energy and upcoming events (Moon phases, Seasons etc)


Learn about energy, and yourself.


Two Monthly Healing Meditation Calls (on Zoom, with replays send out to everyone via Email)


My energy, presence and loving support in the group


Added Bonuses, like Oracle Card Readings, Insights into Energy, and live updates


Topic Teaching


You can book a one on one healing session at a discounted price.


Access to my Self Love Modules


A free 30 minutes Energy Cleansing Session (only for yearly subscribers)

I am looking forward to connecting with you in my Circle of Love!

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy


My experience with Caroline Palmy was truly magical and she deeply rooted into my Soul wounds from her first breath.

You know you have found the healer for yourself when they touch that nerve and the release begins. I could feel and sense the pains that were hiding out gently come to the surface and my freedom allowed me to breathe fuller and become captivated with all of Caroline’s flow of Spiritual information.

Hours later and days even I felt my mind less gripped with fear and I knew from my own personal work that a huge block had been lifted. I would continue to see Caroline and recommend her truly powerful gift of insight and healing to anyone wanting an experience of deep transformation.  I feel honoured to have had this experience with Caroline! 

Patrice Hutton-Jones

Healer at Intuitive Coaching, PHJ Coaching

Caroline gave me one of the most powerful healings I have ever experienced.

Her healing addressed specific issues I was having with moving forward in my life as I was struggling with being overcome by fear that stopped me in my tracks.

Caroline helped move the fear out, and she also talked with me and gave me ways to think about the thoughts and feelings that block me from achieving my goals.

Listening to her was like listening to the advice and wisdom of an angel who knew me well. I wrote down much of what she said so I could refer back to it often. What a remarkable session. I am full of gratitude. 

Fisher Woodward

Intuitive Healer, Fisher Woodward

Caroline had such a gentle and kind way of supporting me to drop my guard and really open to receive. As a generous giver I can find it hard to allow others in and feel safe being seen.

Caroline was able to tune into the heart wounds that needed loving attention and swathe me in her kindness and care until I could hear the messages from my guides supporting me to return to my own innocence and purity

Caroline very accurately relayed to me challenges that I was facing and channeled comforting messages that supported me to release and heal old misperceptions of myself. As a result I felt more powerful knowing it is truly safe to be loved. I felt myself return to my innate tenderness with a new level of trust and receptivity. 

Lysa Black

Heart Healer , Heart Magic

Thank you for the session today! I already feel so much better – like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders and like I can fully step into who I am (and also recognize and accept the support around me).

I was amazed at how you hit on points that were so subtle, yet profound in my life. How even the analysis of who I was in a past life tied so closely into who I am today – how I act, what I do. Integrating that energy into the present moment and grounding into this space was profound for me. Profound is almost an understatement.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts – for seeing me and allowing me to see myself. You lifted a veil and showed me a way to let more light into my world. I appreciate it more than you could know.

Susan Ellis-Saller

Business Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Souls, Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card Reader (CACRTM), Energy Therapist,

My session with Caroline was so lovely and peaceful.

Caroline has this incredibly calm and loving energy that she wraps all around you. Her insights and comments were spot on, really touching on what’s playing in my life, helping me to see things clearly. 

I felt stuck for a while and was also dealing with some minor health issues, but all of this cleared up in the days following my time with Caroline, like the light was shining just so much brighter again. 

If your heart and soul need a little bit of healing, then I would highly recommend you to get in touch with her.

Helena Heart

Blossomer of Business with Website Magic,

Caroline is one of the most loving and gentle souls I know. Her energy is filled with love and she sees everyone with so much compassion and offers her wisdom so generously. I love how she shares her stories and challenges with such an open heart and by doing so she helps others to feel safe enough to open up their hearts too. I highly recommend working with Caroline and know she will always show up fully and shower her soul sisters with unconditional love. 
Karina Ladet

Intuitive Healer,

My session with Caroline was incredibly powerful, unlike anything I have ever experienced. She was able to feel into each part of me and accurately identify the blocks – very specific memories that apparently were still being held in my energy system. The messages were all super clear and specific, nothing was vague or general. I could physically feel the energy leaving my body and my heart opening. I feel lighter and more sure of myself – it definitely feels like something heavy has been lifted. Caroline has a very powerful gift and is truly special. If you’re feeling out of balance, heavy or in need of some loving care, then I highly recommend a session with Caroline, you’ll be able to move forward again without this feeling that something is holding you back. 
Joanna Hennon

Soul Wisdom Mentor,

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