Cutting Cords with the Angels

Are you a giver? Do you interact with this world and the people in it with love and care? Do you want to help others? If so, do you sometimes feel like your energy is sucked out of you? Do you often feel drained, tired, and exhausted?

If you are a giver who experiences the abovementioned symptoms, it might be necessary for you to make time to cut cords with the Angels daily. This is because other people may unintentionally get ‘hooked’ to you, your care, and your energy – and this bond could be causing your exhaustion and low energy via energetic cords and connections.

We establish an energy connection – called an energy cord – with all the people we come into contact with. When we first meet or interact with a person, the cord created between us might be as thin as a hair. Over time, however, this cord can grow thicker.

Whenever a person thinks about someone s/he has met or interacted with, the energetic cord between them grows.

These cords can allow people – either intentionally or purposefully – to suckle your energy from your happiness, from your cheerfulness – from you. That means that a lot of your personal energy resources would go to other people, instead of being available for your own usage.

Personally, I am a loving giver – and there is nothing wrong with that. However, before I learnt to cut cords daily, I often felt drained and burnt out – no matter how much I slept, what I ate (health food), and no matter how well I looked after myself. I was still just so exhausted and I never knew why, until I learnt that other people could drain my energy from me.

Yes, other people can, through the energy cords we establish, run our energy stores low. We, ourselves, can also deplete our own energy by maintaining connections to fear, guilt, and other lower energy emotions (more on that further down).

How can we cut those energy cords so that we are able to stand and remain in our own power and energy without being drained by others? I will now introduce a cord cutting method that you can do yourself to help you to maintain your energy levels while allowing you to be your authentic, generous self.

How to cut cords with the Angels

Archangel Michael, our protector, is the first Angel to go to for cord cutting.

All that you have to do to cut energy cords is to imagine Archangel Michael – a golden haired Angel cloaked in deep blue – with his mighty, golden sword. He can use his sword to cut through any energetic cords you might have.

You can ask Archangel Michael to cut your cords by standing or sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, and saying out loud or in your mind:

‘Please Archangel Michael, please cut all the (energy) cords connected to me.’

Simply ask him to cut the cords.

Remember, the Angels are always waiting for us to ask for help. They know what is best for us, but like loving parents, they want us to learn how to ask for help, and also to realise what we need for ourselves.

After you’ve asked for help with cord cutting, keep breathing in and out. You might feel a tingling, you might feel a whoosh, or you might feel a bit lighter, freer, liberated. Of course it is also ok to not feel a thing at all. Please do NOT expect a certain outcome or feeling, as doing so might only hinder you.

Just be and let the process happen; be ready to release. Know that it is working – whether you feel something or not – as the Angels are always working with us and assisting us when we ask. You may not feel an immediate effect. It might take days or weeks, but you will definitely start to feel a difference in your energy levels.

You can cut cords as often as you are guided to or you feel you need to. It is a good idea to cut the cords daily, if not even more often. I usually do it in the evening before I go to bed, and whenever I feel stressed, or low, or leave a crowded place.


What kinds of Energy Cords are there?

There are not just cords to and from other people. There are also cords to lower energies, like fear, worries, pain and guilt.

Remember that even cords to our closest loved ones can sometimes feel draining. For example, consider my role as a mother: if I worry too much about my children, I send negative energy to them, and that is draining for both of us. Also, if my children keep nagging me, it drains me. If I don’t have good boundaries up, or if I allow my children and loved ones to ignore the boundaries I’ve set, it can also deplete my energy.

Cord cutting is actually healthy, as it clears, cleanses, heals, and releases all unwanted by-products of daily life. It is important to realize that we can NEVER sever the cords of LOVE when we are cutting cords, though. So, when I work on the cords to my loved ones, I actually cleanse those relationships – I don’t sever them. I cleanse the cords of all unnecessary burdens, so that pure love can flow back and forth again.

Whenever we have a negative thought or whenever we think in a fearful manner, we send out a cord to that lower energy. The more often we think negative thoughts, the thicker the cord gets.

It is useful to cut cords to lower energies regularly, as those lower emotions and feelings can drain us too. They pull us down and take us away from our good feelings and the flow of life.

The more we give in to negative thoughts and feelings, the more we are absorbed in that lower energy, the harder it is for us to think positive thoughts and see good outcomes. It can be like a spiral staircase taking us down. So we need to cut the cords to lower (negative) energies so we can break free, start on a more positive note, and keep our thoughts up in higher vibrations.

Of course, Archangel Michael is there to help us cut cords to thoughts and feelings, too.

Personally, I ask the angels to cut the cords to fear, worries, pain, and guilt every time I take a shower. I feel the double cleanse of cord cutting, plus washing it all away while in the shower works splendidly. Combining cord cutting with my daily shower was an easy way for me to establish a routine dedicated to cutting my cords regularly.

Cutting cords and shielding is now part of my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth.

It is important to shield yourself after you cut the cords. This way you can stay clear longer, and new cords can’t be established as easily. You can read more about how to shield with the Angels in my blog post here.

The more you experience how life can be without negative cords attached to you – without anything draining your energy – the longer you can stay up in the higher vibrations, the easier and more in flow your life will feel, and you will likely want to make more of it.

Get a taste for life without those drains! Enjoy life, and get more of it, as this higher energy will be more and more part of your life.

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Warm hugs,

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