How I learnt about Angelic Healing

A couple of years ago: I had been reading several angel books by Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue. I was just reading a book about Archangel Raphael and his amazing healing abilities, when I experienced first hand, what his healing energy can do – not just to me – but through me to someone else. Angelic Healing at its best.


My story:

One evening, I was reading in my bed. My kids were already asleep.

I heard my daughter coughing and shifting around. I realised she couldn’t fall asleep because of her cough, or rather, her cough would always wake her up again, right after she had dozed off. I was listening carefully, as she’d had several bouts of pneumonia already in her young years, and was always very weakened to begin with.

Somehow, this cough sounded like her weak dry cough again. This sound was a sound I’d learnt to dread – a sound that always led us down the antibiotic track again.

My main hope was that she could sleep and feel better – that she would gain some strength so her body could fight that new chest cold that was lingering above her, like the Sword of Damocles.

That’s how I felt as a single Mom: like all Moms we only want the best for our kids.


Making a conscious decision to ask for help

Sitting in my bed with the book of Archangel Raphael with me, hearing my daughter’s cough, and feeling my love for my girl, I felt like I was hugging her, just to make her feel better.

I also felt helpless. I’d already rubbed ointment on her chest, she’d already had a cough syrup and a tea, and there was nothing more I could do – only hope that she could sleep it off.

Then I thought, ‘Wait a minute, there is this amazing, wonderful and beautiful healing Angel: Archangel Raphael! He can help so many different people. Why not ask him for help?’ I already had a connection with the angels and felt at home with them.


Archangel Raphael, Please Help!

From the bottom of my heart, I asked ‘Archangel Raphael, please help my daughter. Please.’

I thought of my daughter, how much I loved her, and how much I would love to help her. Then I felt my hands get warmer and warmer, till they were hot – a comfortable hot. They tingled with exciting energy that was very warm, soothing, and healing.

I knew this was Archangel Raphael working through me.

I was, as mentioned before, sitting in my bed. I had those very warm hands that I knew I needed to somehow get to my daughter.

But for some reason, I was afraid of moving – afraid of loosing the connection, afraid of my hands cooling. I knew I needed to get to my daughter and give her that healing energy, but I did not want to wake her fully, or loose my tingly warm hands.


How to get the healing energy to my daughter

So I sat there, imagining that I was standing next to my daughter, putting my hands on her chest and back (top near her lungs).

I sat with my thoughts and breathed in and out, holding my tingly warm hands over the image of my daughter’s body in my imagination, thanking Archangel Raphael for his healing energy and for helping me take care of my daughter. I let that energy flow – just let it go, and gave all of the healing to my daughter and her lung and chest area.

It might have taken 5 minutes – maybe not even that long – till my hands cooled down, and I knew enough Healing Energy had been sent to my daughter.

I was so in awe because the experience was just so amazing. It was like time stood still. I felt expanded – expanded in love and that healing energy… just standing there and spreading my love through my hands to my daughter, knowing Archangel Raphael was helping us.


What an amazing experience

I sat in my bed looking at my hands, and I was awake with excitement. I couldn’t really register what just happened; I was just in awe, in love and in gratitude to the amazing angels. I thanked them over and over from the bottom of my heart for this most amazing experience.

It was only later that I realised my daughter had stopped coughing. She was able to fall asleep and get some rest so that she could build her strength.

This was the most wonderful gift of all. She was sleeping soundly and the Angels were watching over her.

This was my first experience with Angelic Healing, with Archangel Raphael and his healing power, his healing energy, and his amazing love for all of us. I am still at awe thinking back to it. Angels I love you, and I thank you so much.


It did help

Needless to say, ever since this amazing night, my daughter had no more pneumonias, and every cold, she was able to fight off, not being too weakened by it. Yes of course you can also say, she might have outgrown it, but would she have been able to simply outgrow it without the help of the Angels, without the wonderful warm energy, that restored her self-healing?

The Angels are amazing, and I love my angelic healing work, I love to be close to the Angels, and let them work through me.

This was my story about my very first angelic healing experience, next week, I will give you a brief overview of Angelic Healing, and answer some frequently asked questions. Click what is Angelic Healing to read it.

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Please know we all have angels close by, simply ask for help.

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