The Angels are giving us the messages we need to hear at this time

Messages passed on during Angel readings are always appropriate for the given moment in space and time. The Angels want to assure us that the messages we receive are guiding us, not hindering us. So, even though a message might seem to be inaccurate at first, the person will eventually find that it was the perfect message for him or her at that time.

Let me explain this by a little example:


Was It Wrong?

A couple of years ago, during a course, a younger woman complained that the reading she got (from someone other than me) some years ago was not accurate.

She explained that she had asked whether she had to learn something more, and the answer given to her was NO.

She went on to describe how only 2 months after the reading, she heard about a fabulous new course of study and went ahead and plunged in, and that now she made this new modality her life’s purpose and was teaching it to others.

So, she thought that her reading was not accurate, as she obviously still had to learn something new.

What do you think? What could the answer to that remark be?


First Point

When she got the original answer, she did NOT need to learn a new tool right at that moment.

That would be a simple answer to his dilemma.


Second Point (This is where the Angels are geniuses)

Let’s assume this woman was told that she had to learn something more. What do you think she would have done?

She would have gone out, looking and searching and looking some more for this new area of study. She would have looked everywhere.

Do you think she would have found this new venture that she actually stumbled across after she was told NO? Most probably NOT.

You see, when we are actively looking for something, we often miss it. Even though she might have had a perception of what she was looking for, she would be hunting frantically, instead of looking in a calmer and more peaceful manner.

Yes, even if she had come across this new method that she eventually mastered, she might not have given it a second glance if she thought she was meant to find THE one thing.

We are open for new adventures when we are relaxed: open to receive and at peace with our minds and our hearts.

The same thing also applies to people who are single and desperately looking for their soul partners. They look so hard and never find the right person, because they are so out there, instead of within themselves. They look so far for Mr. or Mrs. Right, when their true soul mate might actually be right under their nose, a friendly neighbour, or so. They are giving off the energy of chasing, instead of attracting.


The Solution

The reading the woman had been given was right, at that special time for that special person.

We always get the messages we need to hear.

The answers are simple and uniquely designed for our needs at a given time. The Angels provide the optimum information for our development.


Another Example

The question: Is that job right for me?

First of all, if you have to ask, the answer will most often be NO. You ask, because you feel uneasy. Otherwise, you would just feel sure about it – elevated and so in the flow – that you would take the job without having to ask if it was, in fact, right for you.


My Readings

During the readings I give, I can tell you how you feel about a particular situation. If there is another person involved, I can sense how you feel about the person, without that person actually having to be there.

All I am doing is translating your signs for you. I can tell you how you feel and think about something, which is often a good point to start with.

And I love getting feedback and smile when people tell me, “Yes, that is exactly how I feel.”

Please be aware, though, that I never give you guidance about how another person is or what s/he thinks. I do not do 3rd person readings. I will give you clear signs about you, your situation, and how you feel about it.


An Angel Reading Is Never Fortune Telling

A reading with the Angels delivers messages from the Universe to you. It gives you a status update of where you are standing, and how you are feeling in the moment.

If you would like to know more about my Angel Readings, have a look at my Angel Reading Page.

Remember there are many ways to Rome, and we often need to take a wrong turn to arrive at the right destination.

Live in the moment – enjoy it, make the best out of it, and keep living, without over thinking things too much.

Be in the flow of love – love for yourself, love for your life, and love for the Universe.

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Warmest of hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy


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