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There are so many Lightworkers among us, and I love to share the beautiful work of my friends.

We are all doing an amazing job. Everyone I share on this page I know personally and love to work with.

Enjoy browsing through the list, and maybe one or another will inspire your soul, too.

Warm hugs to you all.

Caroline Palmy

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My Friends

Here are some webpages I would love to share.

I know these people personally, and I have worked with all of them. I highly recommend them all. I included the links to their websites.

Browse through, get inspired, and maybe something will catch your eye:

Website and Business Services

Grow & Blossom your Website with Helena Heart

Beautiful Photos capturing your essence with Monica Maurer

Spiritual Business Basics Mentoring with Sue Ellis-Saller


Around Books

Book Coaching and podcasts with  Janet Groom

Publishing with Sean Patrick



Business & Spiritual Coaching with Maggie Kay


Healing, Readings, Astrology

Intuitive Guidance and Healing with Karina Ladet

Astrology and Tarot with Alison Smith

Healing and Healy Magic with Kerstin Joost



A wonderful and inspiring magazine that supports you and your family, when you are going through a divorce, founded by Soila Sindyio




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