What is Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing

People often ask me, „What is Angelic Healing?“ when I tell them that I am an Angelic Healer.

Simply put, I let the angels work through me to send healing to a client. Angelic Healing is one form of energy healing.

Here in this blog post, I explain Angelic Healing in more details; as well as to answer some frequently asked questions:

How I learnt about Angelic Healing


What is Angelic Healing and how does it work?

Angelic Healing is a form of energy healing. We all have an energy system, which sometimes gets blocked during our daily lives. Think of these blocks like boulders in a river. Blocks like this get built up when we feel anger, fear, pain, resentment, or anything that is not in true alignment with who we are. We can loosen or remove some of the “boulders” with Angelic Healing, so we are back in the flow – feeling more energetic and more alive, more in tune with our higher self.

Energy Healing is like a shower for our energy system, clearing away stuck energy.

Angelic Healing works with the love and healing of the angels. The angels guide us through our lives. In Angelic Healing, the angels guide the therapist while s/he works with the client. The therapist is a vessel to let the healing of the angels pass into the client. The therapist is open to this energy and fully guided by the angels. The higher energy of the angels is cleansing, clearing, and recharging.

Our bodies are amazing. When they are in tune and healthy, self-healing is possible. Remember what your body does when you get the flu or a cold – it heals itself; even broken bones grow back together.

The angels help us to bring our bodies back to their optimum healing abilities. Any blockages present can be removed.

Energy goes where thought goes, so if we concentrate on healing and cleansing, we heal and cleanse.

A combination of images and senses guide me, as an Angelic Healer, and help me concentrate on the healing and tasks at hand.

Angelic Healing comes so natural for me. I am so attuned with the healing and so in awe of what is happening; it’s like watching a movie – a new one every time.

I let the angels guide me and show me what to do. I listen to them and tune into the client in order to know where to go and how to heal.

I am guided to spreading love and healing.


What is Energy?

Energy is the flow of life; some call it Chi and others call it Prana.

We often say, ‘Wow, today I have a lot of energy,” meaning that we are in the flow. When we are tired or worn out, we have depleted our energy and need to recharge by napping, sleeping, or relaxing.

We all have an energy body around our physical body. You might have heard of it described as an Aura, or you might have had the hairs (on the arm or neck) stand up because of a sensation outside of your physical body.

The Energy body consists of Chakras, or places where the energy gets exchanged. Fresh energy comes in and old energy gets released in chakras. Sometimes the old energy can block a chakra so it can’t take in enough fresh energy. This is something Angelic Healing can cleanse and clear, in order to get a person’s energy level up again.


How do I perform Angelic Healing?

I ask for the help of the angels to assist with healing for each client. I center myself and make sure I am aligned with the angelic realm and messages originating there, so I can best serve the client. I receive guidance from the angels that I follow so that I can best cleanse and heal my client, while clearing any blockages I am shown.

During a session, I share whatever I sense with my client. During a personal session, I talk to my client. During a remote session, I make a mental note to share my feelings and thoughts by email after the session.

I let the angels guide me through every step. I often learn new techniques, like using a watering can to clear the energy system of a client.

I also use some flowers during Angelic Healing sessions – mostly roses, African violets, and any other flowers that I am intuitively guided to use. I can either use real flowers, or use them in their energetic form, by picturing them in my mind. I often shower clients (energetically) with rose petals, which is a very refreshing and liberating healing technique.

I just love to share Angelic Healing with my clients. I feel my heart is so open during sessions, and the love of the angels is flowing through me and into my client. It is an amazing feeling, which is healing for everyone involved.

Please note that I do not need to touch a client during our session. The energy shared during Angelic Healing can be transferred from a distance.

I use whatever guidance I am given by the angels for each specific session. Every session is different and perfect for that moment in space and time.

Only things that are allowed to go are released. Only as much healing as is good for the client happens during a session. (See the paragraph, Is It Safe? a bit further down.)


What is the positive aspect of healing with the angels?

What I value most is, that the angels guide me. I trust the Universe, the Angels and the creator. They know what is best suited for each client at any given time. They know and love my clients.

Angelic Healing can uncover connections that we are not even able to see with our best imagination. A person might come in with pain in a certain area of his/her body. We can work on that body part, as well as other parts of the body that the angels guide us to look at, or even make the connection between painful events and physical pain.

Sometimes it is necessary to release the pain from something seemingly unrelated to heal the pain we came for.

We do NOT need to know what to heal during a session. The Angels know best, so we can trust and allow ourselves to be guided by the angels.

Clients do not have to divulge any private details if they don’t want to. The angels can work through issues the therapist does and doesn’t know.


What Angels do I usually work with?

My favourite angels, or the ones I usually work with are Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel. I have come to connect more with Archangels Jophiel and Raguel lately, too.

Archangel Michael

The Great Protector, the mighty Archangel Michael is associated with the colour blue – like a royal blue – and helps us with releasing, letting go, cutting cords, and freeing us from lower energy.

Archangel Raphael

The Great Healer, Archangel Raphael is associated with the colour green (emerald green). He helps us with healing, relaxing, and restoring.

Archangel Metatron

He is associated with the colour purple, and helps us with balancing: balancing our chakras and balancing our lives. He is also the angel who looks after children, especially his beloved Indigo Children.

Mother Mary

The wonderful Healer of the Hearts, Mother Mary is associated with the colour pale blue. She helps us heal our hearts and heal from past pain and old wounds. She is so very gentle and loving.

Archangel Gabriel

He/she is associated with the colour copper. She helps us with speech, and all creativity. I usually ask Archangel Gabriel to help me stand in my truth and speak in a loving way. I also ask her to help me deliver the messages from the Angels to my clients, in the best way for them.


What can Angelic Healing treat?

Simply put, Angelic Healing can help with anything. Angelic Healing can help with whatever you happen to be struggling with.

It helps us release lower emotions or unhealthy thought patterns, and can also help on a body level, getting things back into the flow.

Angelic Healing is clearing, cleansing, releasing, invigorating, refreshing, and healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Please read my Disclaimer here to understand what “healing” includes and doesn’t include.


How is Angelic Healing different from a regular Angel Reading?

Angelic Healing goes much deeper than an Angel Reading, and is more concentrated on healing the body and its energy system.

An Angel Reading focuses on delivering the messages to a client, like delivering messages from the client’s Universal mailbox. Of course, that can be healing, too.

Often, at the end of an Angelic Healing session, I do pick some cards to give the client more guidance. Sometimes I do it at the beginning of a session, to see what underlying issues or themes there might be.


How is Angelic Healing different from a meditation with the Angels?

During Angelic Healing, we are in a meditative state, and we connect with the angels and ask for healing. However, in Angelic Healing, I particularly ask for healing guidance from the angels, whereas in a meditation, my request for information is more open to anything. Meditation is usually more general – just a bit of releasing and relaxing, and never as deep or as intense as an angelic healing.


What if I don’t see Angels?

Some clients are nervous because they can’t see angels, and that makes them fear that the Angelic Healing won’t be effective.

Not everybody sees angels. Some hear them, some sense them, and some just know about them.

All you have to do during our session is follow my guidance and be open to release and allow healing to take place, relax, and trust the Angels.


What can you feel/sense?

Some clients feel the energy flow, some feel warmth, some feel lighter or elevated, others might feel a tingling, and some don’t feel anything, they just feelthat the healing is helping them.

Come with an open mind; don’t expect anything specific to happen. Be open to the experience.


Is it safe?

Angelic Healing is very safe. I always ask the Angels to help me and work THROUGH me. This way, the Angels look after me, and also after my client. Only the healing that is right for the moment can get through.

Clients might find it frustrating if they are not healed right away, in the way they expected to be healed. If this comes up, it is good to remember that we are all here on this Earth to collect experiences. We might not be ready for total healing yet. We might have another lesson to deal with just around the corner. We might subconsciously block healing or we might not really believe we deserve to be healed. Some clients actually feel they deserve the punishment from their pain. So the Angels will help us to release those beliefs and strengthen us in self-love.

Sometimes we cling onto pain, illnesses, or blockages and are not ready to let them go – yes, even pain. The Angels help us gently, until we are fully open to release our woes, illnesses, and struggles.

Healing also goes in phases, like so many other things in life. We might be ready to shed one part now, and then it will take a while until we can peel away the next layer. With angelic healing only as much healing as is good for us at this given moment will come through.

Sometimes we think we are healed until something occurs that makes us realize there is more healing left to be done. That is very much OK, too. I had such an experience only just recently.

The Universe, the Angels and our Creator is looking after us and helping all of us along.


What happens after the session?

Usually clients are refreshed and feel much lighter and liberated right after the session.

I always tell my clients to drink water to help the healing and releasing. I also tell them that they might feel more tired, or might need a nap, or to make time for a rest so that, the healing can take place and to let the healing settle.

Healing needs energy – and that is the reason you might feel more tired after a session. Just be aware that this tiredness or exhaustion is part of healing and releasing.

Please listen to your body, and follow your own guidance. Don’t overdo right away. Follow the guidance you received during the session, and be open for new impulses.


What is remote healing?

Remote healing means that the client is not in the same room as the therapist. It is also referred to as distant healing.

Remote healing is done by tuning into the energy system of the client. The client does not need to be present or near me for me to be able to perform an Angelic Healing. It’s all energy. I imagine the client being in my room with me, so I can work on his or her energy body.

When I was first learning to work with the angels, I did some remote healing with my daughter, who was lying in another room.

It’s like when you think about your children or a loved one – you can sense that person. You can imagine giving them a hug, even if they are not there at that moment. Remote healing is quite like that feeling.

This has been my introduction into Angelic Healing. I know it might have been a bit of a technical talk, so feel free to contact me here if you have any questions or leave a comment….

I, myself, am a very feeling person. Yes, I can write; however, expressing what is really going on during an Angelic Healing session… I just don’t have the words to fully describe it. Still I hope you got an idea of what Angelic Healing is all about.

Next week I will share some wonderful experiences I’ve had with Angelic Healing. What are my loveliest experiences with Angelic Healing.

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