What did I learn during my Angelic Healings?

I love to work with the Angels, they are so loving and gentle – and also so accurate. It often amazes me how they guide me, and what new ideas they show me. I’d love to share some of the new techniques the Angels introduced to me during my healing sessions with you!

Washing away the grey

During one of my sessions, I was concentrating on cleansing the energy around the client’s body, when the Angels showed me this simple and wonderful trick:

They held a watering can over my client and poured heavenly ‘water’ out gently, all over the person. It was amazing, seeing that pure and gentle ‘water’ washing away all the ‘grey’ in that person’s aura. As the Angels rinsed and rinsed the body, and I saw glittering fresh and clear parts coming out, shining anew and refreshed. We kept watering till everything was washed away, and a shiny, sparkly fresh new energy was shining from my client.

It’s kind of like going to the car wash with a muddy, dirty car, and afterwards a sparkly car comes out, cleansed and rinsed. The Angels wash away the blocked and low energy, that might show up in a person’s energy field as grey, just like dust or mud. When we sparkle and are refreshed, we feel more alive – so I, myself, do a daily rinse with the Angels.

I was so in awe, having been shown this amazing healing tool, and I have used it ever since.

You can try it yourself. Close your eyes and just imagine the Angels rinsing you with their heavenly watering can. Imagine them pouring the healing waters over your head. You can feel how this water trickles over you and cleanses away everything that no longer serves you – how it washes the grey off, rinses you, and lets you shine from head to toe.

I’ve created a meditation to guiding you through the Watering Can process. Enjoy listening, relax while cleansing.

Rose Petals

During my training with Robert Reeves as a Flower Therapy Healer, I got in touch with the healing abilities of flowers, especially roses and rose-petals.

During one healing session, I was cleansing the person’s aura, and I saw a shower of rose petals. I instantly knew that this was an amazing way of clearing and cleansing the energy field.

So my client and I danced in the shower of rose petals, and we immediately felt so refreshed and invigorated. I still use that rose petal shower in nearly every session.

You can get the same feeling if you sit quietly, relax, and just imagine that you are standing in a shower of rose petals –inhaling their scent, feeling them softly fall over your skin, and letting everything that no longer serves you be washed away.

Did you try it? Can you feel that your breathing is much easier and more relaxed now? Did you like it? (Feel free to send me a comment to let me know about your experience with the rose petal shower technique.)

On another occasion the Angels showed me an even deeper healing and relaxing technique with rose petals.

I vividly remember working with a particular client. She was so weak that I could hardly tune into her energy; she was just plain exhausted. I was cleansing and healing with the help of the Angels when suddenly the Angels just took over. They took my client (in my imagination, of course!) and laid her on a bed of roses (rose petals), and then they showered her with rose petals and closed some sort of a lid to the bed.

At first I was taken aback. I was afraid that the Angels were showing me that she was going to die, as it seemed they had put her in a coffin.

I wasn’t horrified though, as it was such a loving feeling – so peaceful and so tender – that I knew whatever happened, my client would be all right…. I also know that, if your time is up, then it is simply time to go home (or into the light, if you prefer). There was nothing I could do about it, except accept it and continue with the healing process.

So my client was lying there on the rose petals and was healing, restoring, and recharging. She felt much better afterwards; it was exactly what she needed. All she needed was rest and peace.

Whenever you feel tired, why don’t you lie down and imagine yourself lying on a bed of rose petals, breathing in their healing essence and releasing anything that worries you when you breathe out.

Those were examples of how to improve some cleansing techniques that I am happy to share them with you all.


How the guidance of the Angels can help with healing

Once I was doing a remote healing with a client who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not know which breast was affected, as she hadn’t given me that information. She came to me for some support while she was going through standard medical treatment for the cancer.

When I was cleansing her body, sending healing through my hands from the Angels to her, I was intensely drawn to her left breast. I really felt the energy flow through my hands. I was holding her breast (energetically), surrounding it with loving energy from the Universe.

I felt like I needed to go to the right breast as well, but there I felt colder energy and was immediately guided back to the left breast. I continued to send more loving energy to that breast and the area around it, till I felt it was enough.

When I wrote to my client about my experience she confirmed that indeed her left breast was the one affected. I was so grateful for the Angels’ guidance clearly showing me where the healing had to go. This was another wonderful reminder to trust my intuition and the guidance that comes to me from the Angels. It was lovely.

Another time I was working with a young woman who was in the hospital with high fever. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong; the doctors couldn’t find anything.

Again, I was working remotely. I cleansed her body and sent loving healing energy guided by the Angels.

Suddenly I saw her kidneys were bright red (in her energy body), and the area around was immensely hot. So I concentrated on the kidneys and clearing them – sending healing with Archangel Raphael.

When I reported back to my client, the doctor was able to discover she – in fact – had a kidney infection.

Always trust your guidance. The Angels are amazing.

Those are the experiences I wanted to share with you, to give you a taste on how the guidance from the Angels works for me.

Every session is a blessing, and in every session I learn so much. The Angels are amazing and most wonderful, so gentle, loving. They guide you with the perfect input at the perfect moment.

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Looking forward to sharing more with you next week

warm hugs to you all and may you all feel the presence of the loving Angels!

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