Ready to learn 7 easy to use Self Love Techniques?

    • Do you feel like you are always giving?
    • Do you feel like there is not enough time to look after yourself?
    • Do you feel you are only lovable if you do something for others?
    • Do you have a longing for some gentle and nurturing care?
    • Do you feel like you have to look for love outside of yourself?
    • Do you feel it is time to open the doors to some Self Love?

You are not alone. I know it is hard to create time for yourself, struggling with your daily chores.  I know it is hard to be gentle with yourself, when there is so much to be cared for otherwise. I know about feeling selfish, if you think about Self Love or Self Care. That is very much ok.

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I have been there, I felt only loved
when someone loved me.

I never had time for myself,
looking after my three children.


I felt guilty taking time for self care, when there was so much to do. Quite frankly it never entered my mind to even look after myself, as there was so much else to do.


When my marriage broke apart in 2008, I felt lost. I woke up not knowing who I am. I gave up so much to make it work, and I felt alone and saw it as proof that I am unlovable. I felt exhausted, and I knew I had to start taking care of myself.


I learnt so much about making time for myself, and started loving myself during the journey of re-connecting with myself.


I have found some easy to use little techniques that I could implement into my daily routine. Those techniques had a huge impact, on how I started to look at myself.


I became more loving and nurturing towards myself.

You can do so too.

You are not alone out there, and we are all
worthy of our own love.

I love to share with you my
7 Nurturing Self Love Techniques,

so you can start opening the doors to Self Love too.

You will receive one Email a day for 7 consecutive days, where I share with you one technique, easy to use and you can easily implement it into your daily life, and I am sure those techniques will help you too.

I am available in our special Nurturing Self Love Facebook Group to support you through your journey.

Yes you are so worth it. All you have to do is leave your Email address in the box on the right, and you are in.


I am looking forward to this
beautiful journey with you


Warm hugs to you all.
Signature Caroline Palmy


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