How to talk to your Angels

Many people have asked me the question, “How do you talk to your Angels?” My quick answer is always, “Anyway you’d like.”


A Brief Overview Of Angels

Angels are all around us. The Angels love us and are ready to help us at any moment. Because we have free will, they wait for us to ask for help. (Our Guardian Angels do step in and keep us from harm. Their job is to protect us and they don’t need permission to do so).

Please know that the Angels are all encompassing and multi-taskers. They can be with several people at the same time. The Angels are not bound to a certain religion or certain type of person – they help anyone that is asking.


There are several types of Angels.

Guardian Angels are assigned to a specific person at birth and stay with that person till s/he passes into the light.

The Archangels are the overseers of the Angels. They are the well-known Angels, like Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, for instance.

There is also an Angel for just about everything else. The names of the regular Angels aren’t as well known as the Archangels.

When asking for help, you do not need to know which Angel to call on.


If you’d like more information about the various types of Angels, Doreen Virtue has written many books on the subject. Her book, Archangels 101, explains the Archangels and their specialties. You can find the book on Amazon.


Talking To Your Angels

There are several ways you can talk to your Angels. Each way is equally beneficial. The most important thing is that you chose the method that suits you most.

You can tell your Angels ANYTHING. Nothing is too bothersome or irrelevant for the Angels. They LOVE to help us.



Most of us learnt to pray during our childhoods – either our parents taught us or we learnt at church. Prayers are a common way to ask for help from the Creator and the Angels.

When you pray, pray from your heart and in any form you feel comfortable with. Your prayers are always heard.


Ask for Help

Another method of getting assistance from the Angels is to simply ask for help. ‘Dear Angels, please help me,’ is enough for the Angels to come close and assist you.

The Angels love to help us, so you can ask for help with anything. Maybe you misplaced your keys or you need help with a situation you are currently in or just would love some guidance. When you ask, the Angels will find a way to help you.


Talk in your mind

You can simply talk in your mind and the Angels will hear you. You can chat with them, explain your worries, or ask for help.

The Angels are good listeners. If you are sad, it is very comforting to speak to your Angels. They take you in their loving wings and send love and peace to you.


Talk out loud

You can also talk out loud to the Angels like you would with a good friend. It is very healing to just talk to your Angels.

You can tell them anything – from the fun you had that day, to things that worry you, and, of course, what you need help with.


Benefits of talking to your Angels


Write to your Angels

Writing is another beautiful way to communicate with your Angels.

Pour out your heart to the Angels. They are very understanding. Nothing you do will ever decrease the love they feel for you.


The Benefits of Talking to Angels

Doesn’t it feel good to talk to someone who is loving and understanding?

I usually speak to my Angels when I get into bed. I thank them for everything they have done for me that day. I talk to them about things I still need help with or that I could use some guidance for.

Then I ask them to visit me in my dreams. While sleeping we are in a relaxed state, and we can receive the Angels messages more easily.

Have you ever had the impression that a solution came in your dreams? That was your Angels guiding you.

I made a habit of talking to my Angels. It might be just a quick thank you when something good happened, or when I felt their presence.

There are so many situations we can ask the Angels for help and talk to them. For example:


  • I ask the Angels to protect me before I get into my car so that my journey is safe.
  • I ask the Angels to help calm me if I have a meeting I am nervous about.
  • I ask the Angels to look after my children. This way I stay in trust and know my children are well looked after during the day when they are at school and I am not with them.
  • I ask the Angels for help and guidance when I go through a difficult phase in my life or with my kids.
  • I ask the Angels for help when I need an answer so that I can know what is right for me.
  • I always ponder my ideas with the Angels, and see what they advise.



One of My Angel Stories

In the middle of my separation and divorce, my ex cut his payment to us (his 3 children and myself) dramatically. I know it was his way of putting pressure on me and pushing me around – showing me who had the power. Even though I felt bullied, this experience actually helped me grow stronger.

When I realized that the new amount would enable me to just cover our fixed costs, and I was shattered to my bones. The couple of months before that, I was barely able to pay back all the expenses we had from moving out of our old house and into something smaller, and I finally felt I could take a breather.

No. The decreased income was a huge blow, which shook me to the core. I had no idea what to do next. I was devastated and had no way to go.

I cried and cried, and then I just lay across my bed, and cried some more. I must have said something like, “Help me! What can I do now?”

All of a sudden, I saw a beautiful, glimmering hand and arm come down to me and touch me on my back. I felt love and peace come through me. It was pure love, a beautiful embrace, a comfort that I so needed at that time. It was sheer bliss.

I knew immediately this came from the Angels and the Creator – that they wanted to reassure me and let me know that they were with me, and that – eventually – all would be well.

This amazing experience got me through a lot more that was still coming my way. I could go back to the memory of this amazing warm hand on my back, soothing me, reassuring me and sending me so much love. It was like the experience was imprinted in me, and I could go back to those exact same feelings of peace and love and well being whenever I needed to.

Do you have an Angel Story to share? Please leave it in the comments below! I look forward to hearing from you.

Next week I will talk about how we can listen to our Angels. Stay tuned!

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I hope you feel loved, peaceful, and in the flow of life.

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