Writing is a passion of mine.

I feel so at ease when the words just flow through me. I also learnt that writing is a deeply healing journey. While writing my book ‘Conversations with me‘ I could let go of my marriage and divorce on new levels.

My second book ‘Loving Conversations With Me’ was another deeply healing journey while writing it. 

Giving other Mothers hope, that their child is perfect just the way it is, was my aim for my ‘Life with an Indigo Child’ e-book. We are not born to fit in, and gladly our sensitive children, our truth warrior, often mislabeled hyperactive, are born to stand out.

Sharing from my own stories, inspiring others, helping them see the light is what I aim for in my books and stories.

I love collaboration books and sharing a chapter for inspiration or healing is amazing.

I have also shared some of my true Angel Stories in Diana Cooper’s Book, 777 True Angel Stories Book.

Learning to let go was a big lesson for me, and I am happy to be featured in one of the stories about letting go in Alex Blackwell’s Book, Letting Go.

Going through a divorce has taught me so much and I loved to share it with others who are going through the same experiences. I loved to write for The Divorce Magazine.

I am happy to share all of my publications here with you. Enjoy!

Of course, you can find more of my writing on my Blog Page.

Warm hugs to you all.

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My Books

Conversations With Me

I am sharing 30 independent stories on how going through a divorce has helped me reconnect with myself again.

I found myself in my living room and I had no idea who I was any longer, after my marriage ended. I had given up myself completely trying to please everyone around me, and make this marriage work.

I also include beautiful nuggets at the end of each chapter, little exercises and insights that have helped me, and hopefully help you too.

Those are my stories, some might make you laugh, some might make you shake your head in disbelief, and others will hopefully touch your heart.

I am honoured sharing my stories with you.

Loving Conversations With Me

Feeling unloved, unlovable after a relationship ended, realising I only ever felt loved, when I was in a relationship, and that I was needy of love and stayed far too long in unhealthy relationships.

That was the moment I knew I wanted to be loved for who I am and learned to connect to the love within.

We are all love

A beautiful journey to be more loving with yourself.

30 independent chapters with gorgeous self love tools at the end of each chapter.

learn to connect to the love within

Indigo Child E-Book

Learning so many lessons from my sensitive indigo child.

My oldest who was labeled hyper active, and kicked out of Kindergarten is studying Mathematics at a prestigious University now.

My life with an Indigo Child

what are the lessons we can implement for ourselves

what is it those kids want us to learn

and how can we stand more in our own truth

Our children are our greatest teachers, are you ready to embrace the lessons?

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My Publications

Heart and Soul Book 3

Coming Soon


Heart and Soul Book 3




Heart and Soul Book 2

Our episodes 11 to 20 along with our blog posts and gifts are collected in this gorgeous book, put together by Janet Groom


Heart and Soul Book 2




With Grace and Grit

A gorgeous collaboration book with many wonderful writers.

Sharing my story and seeing how far I have come was so inspiring.


With Grace and Grit




Heart and Soul Book 1

Our first 10 episodes along with our blog posts and gifts are collected in this gorgeous book, put together by Janet Groom


Heart and Soul Book




Soul Shine

A gorgeous collaboration book with many wonderful writers. 

I share my story on 

You are so loved 

and how feeling loved makes our soul shine.


Soul Shine Book




Uplift Book

Gorgeous Book collaboration by Janet Groom, helping others to uplift and feel good.

I share a channelled love message in this precious book, along with others who are sharing poems, arts and stories. 


Uplift Book




Letting go

When the relationship I had after my separation from my ex-husband ended, I felt very lost and lonely. I realized how much I thought I needed love to come from the outside. My story of letting go is published in Alex Blackwell’s book, Letting Go.

True Angel Stories

Some of the stories about my near death experiences and interaction with deceased loved ones have been published in Diana Cooper’s 777 True Angel Story Book.

(The stories were written under my married name, Caroline Cameron)

Divorce magazine

You can find several of my publications in the online version of the Divorce Magazine.

What going through a divorce taught me:

How children are constantly adjusting to a situation, often years later, and sometimes all over again (two parts):

What going through this separation process has taught me and how it relates to giving birth to my new life:

How I realized I would go back to my maiden name, giving up my married name:

How I realized I was still blaming my EX:

How to adjust to your weekends home alone while the kids are with your spouse:

Powered by intuition

The story of how I encountered my father in my dreams and how I was able to apologize to him, published in the Poweredbyintuition blog (under my married name, Caroline Cameron):


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