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I’ve shared a bit about Angelic Healing in my last few blog posts. Now you might be wondering, how Angelic Healing fits into the wider healing picture?

Personally, I see healing as something of a puzzle containing many different pieces, one of those pieces is angelic healing.

Some people prefer to stick with just one healing modality, which is fine.

I however am a multi-coloured person. I think of healing in a way that includes all of the colours of life. I do not eat the same food every day, as my nutritional needs and desires change from day to day – the same applies to the clothes I wear and even music I listen to – I need a variety. This train of thought pertains, in my opinion, to healing as well: I might need several different healing modalities to round out my treatment and cover all of my symptoms and needs.

How does angelic healing fit in with other treatment modalities, and when is angelic healing advised?

If you are feeling that your current healing/treatment plan isn’t addressing all of the symptoms related to your issue – especially those you might think are tied to spiritual or energetic issues – then angelic healing might be right for you. It is sure worth a try.

Or you might stick with one modality for a while, and then feel that somehow it seems to be missing something important. Figuring out a holistic healing plan is a bit like working with clock wheels: a twist here, and a twist there, and you move forward on your healing journey.

Personally, I go for acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, massages, reflexology, and to the Western medical doctor, just to mention a few. I find that angelic healing fits in nicely with all other healing treatments and modalities.

I just love angelic healing, and I use it on myself regularly. I meditate with the Angels daily. I cleanse myself, cut cords, and shield myself every day.

Cutting Cords with the help of the Angels

Shielding yourself with the help of the Angels

I don’t consider Angelic Healing as the one and only form of healing. Angelic Healing fits in nicely with other healing modalities.

If, during a session with a client, I get the feeling that s/he would do well to seek another form of healing, I will tell the person – and even make a referral if I know someone who can help.

I feel a need to cooperate with other therapists to best serve the needs of a person who is ailing – so there is no competition in my mind. Anything that helps a client is wonderful, whether it is angelic healing with me, or a different form of healing with another beautiful soul.


At the end of the day, the best treatment is the one you like and feel comfortable with. Trust your guidance to bring you to the right treatment.

A word of cautious wisdom: Do not to „overdo“ healing, as the results need time to settle, and many different techniques within a short time might interfere with each other. Don’t worry though, the interference is primarily regarding energies settling in and possible confusion about what modality helped you the most.

I would recommend leaving at least 24 hours in-between healing sessions of different modalities.

There are no counter indicators to angelic healing, so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous interactions.

Angelic Healing works on everyone and is very safe, as the Angels know what is best for each client at any given moment and won’t allow for too much healing to happen at once.

Would you like you to try Angelic Healing for yourself?

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We are all one

and the Angels support us all.

Warm hugs,

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