Are you easily exhausted? Do you feel drained after being in a crowd of people? Do you often feel tired, but don’t know why?

Maybe Shielding with the Angels can help you by protecting your energy field so you can stay more centered and in balance with your own energy, without being drained or influenced by the energies of others.

What is shielding?

Shielding simply means putting an energetic shield around your energy body to keep you safe and protected from outside lower energy influences. When you are shielded, you can stay more aligned with yourself and within your own energy, without feeling the impact of harsh or outside energy sources or drains on your energy body.

When you feel protected you can release worry and fear more easily.

Don’t worry, though! Love can always come through your shield and reach your loved ones.

How can shielding help you?

I am an empath and a sensitive soul. Before I knew about shielding, simple things like going to the grocery store often left me feeling weary. When I was out among people, I unknowingly got mingled up with all their worries and problems, and I had no idea how to discern their energy from my own.

Feeling drained and tired was a constant for me till I learnt more about energy and how it could affect my body, my moods, and even my thoughts.

Once I started shielding myself daily, my energy level and mood got much better. I could even handle shopping without feeling completely depleted of all my energy afterward.

Shielding with the Angels is a valuable tool that you can use to protect yourself from harsh energies. It serves you well in most surroundings. It helps you stay centered in your own energy, so you can be yourself more easily.

Through shielding, I learnt to accept the fact that I am sensitive, and I stopped feeling that my sensitivity was a nuisance. On the contrary, I learnt to accept myself more every day, and to treasure the gift of sensitivity. While shielding, I also learnt to distinguish my own energy and feelings from the energy and feelings of others.

Prior to learning how to shield myself, I could not tell if what I was feeling originated in me or if it was coming from someone else. After learning how to protect my energy field, I gained trust in myself and in my ability to recognize the energetic impressions and feelings of others, and to keep them from affecting me.

If you are a sensitive person who feels tired, exhausted, or even drained by interacting with people, shielding is a good way to preserve your internal energy resources.

If you feel uncomfortable in certain situations, shielding helps you keep lower energies away so they won’t integrate with your system.

Shielding adds a protective layer around you and gives you the added knowledge that your Angels are close by.

What forms of shielding are there?

There are several forms of shielding. The two that I will introduce today are quite simple:

~You can simply ask for protection, and it is done.

~You can imagine yourself being surrounded by light – different colours represent different form of protection.

Simply ask the Angels for protection

When I get into my car, I usually ask Archangel Michael to protect me, to shield me, and to be with me.

If I forget to shield myself before I drive off, I just do it whenever it enters my mind. It’s OK to do it while driving – it won’t distract you from your task.

Simply say aloud or in your mind:

Please Archangel Michael, please protect me and everyone else in this car. Thank you.

Of course, this simple shield works in many situations; you can use this type of shielding whenever you feel the need.

Archangel Michael is our great protector, so he is the first Angel to go to for help with shielding.

You can ask Archangel Michael to put his blue cloak of protection around you, and imagine yourself wearing it.

If you do not know which Angel to go to for your specific needs, just ask the Angels for help – they will always send the right Angel for the job. Do not worry; you are protected by whoever would serve your needs best, always. All you need to do is ask.

Shielding with light

Shielding with light is as simple as imagining yourself being surrounded by light. Just imagine wrapping light around yourself, and visualize yourself in a cocoon of light.

There are different colours you can surround yourself with. Here is a brief overview:


White light is for physical protection, and can be used when you travel in a car or on a plane, or if you find yourself in really harsh surroundings. The white light and its protection are associated with Archangel Michael.


Purple-blue is another colour associated with Archangel Michael. Light of this color serves as a wonderfully protective energetic shield, especially in public places.


Pink is associated with Archangel Jophiel. This colour transmutes lower energies, and helps you feel connected to other people.

Emerald Green

Archangel Raphael’s light is emerald green. This is a healing light that helps you remove everything in your aura or energy that you are not really meant to experience. It is great for empaths who take on the feelings of others.

Copper Gold

Copper gold is associated with Archangel Gabriel. This colour helps to lift your spirits and has an energizing effect. If you feel blocked, sad, dense, or fearful, copper gold is the colour to use. It will help you feel more relaxed and energetic.

*Special thanks to Charles Virtue for teaching this wonderful shielding colour techniques. He has amazing online courses available. You can find information about Charles and his offers here.

Simple Reminder:

If you get confused about different colours and what to do, here are the easy steps for general use:

1) Just ask for help, protection, and shielding from the Angels.

2) See yourself surrounded in wonderfully deep royal blue light.

That’s all you have to do!

If you want to know more about how to keep your energy intact, have a look at my blog post about Burnout.

I will be talking more about how Nature, Salt Baths as well as other rituals can help you in my blog post Releasing with the Angels in about two weeks time.

In my next blog post I will talk about Cutting Cords with the Angels, which is another very valuable tool to help you maintain your energy level.

Let me know how you fare with shielding. Did you feel a difference after shielding? How did it go?

I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!

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