Last week, we looked at how to talk to the Angels. This week, we’ll explore how to listen to the Angels.

Of course, when you ask a question, you want to be able to understand the answer. We all want to know when the Angels have heard and answered our prayers.

Oftentimes, you just want some guidance along your path, and it is lovely to have that feeling that reaffirms your connection with the Universe.

There are several ways the Angels communicate with you. They can send guidance through the senses (feeling, hearing, seeing, or knowing). They also visit while you are meditating or dreaming.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to use to connect to the guidance of your Angels, as concentrating on your breathing can help you connect to higher realms.

I’ve created a video to give you an example of a breathing exercise you can use to be more receptive to the guidance you receive and to feel more connected to the Universe.

You can also simply sit still and quiet your mind for a while or be outside in nature. Nature is always a good way to connect to your Angels; you are more receptive outdoors in beautiful nature, as all of your mental clutter gets released.

The Affirmations, “I am open to receiving now”, or “I am able to receive my Angels guidance clearly now,” are very helpful too.

When you are ready to receive messages from the Angels, just turn your senses into your body and notice any thoughts or feelings that come. There’s no need to analyze anything, just be open and observant.

You might want to have a pen and paper ready, in case you would love to take notes. Just remember, it is best to keep your eyes closed when you are learning to receive messages so that you can really concentrate on how your messages come to you.

How the Guidance May Come to You


Some people are receptive to messages that come via their feelings. These people get a sense in their bodies of what is right or wrong for them.


Some people hear the Angels’ voices. The voices might be loud, or just like whispers in your inner ear. Make note of anything you hear, either aloud or in your inner ear.


Some people see the Angels’ messages. These images might be like little movies, or you might see pictures with your third eye. Notice anything you see or what is coming in front of your inner eye.


Some people just know. The answers they are seeking just come to them. It’s like an inner knowledge.


Some people even receive scent messages – maybe a hint of a perfume, or an essential oil – a smell activates memories or gives the person an idea of what to do next.

The Angels Do send you Signs


The Angels can also send signs in real life. They might send feathers, butterflies, or coins just to show you that they are around. You might see numbers repeatedly. Sometimes you just see an ad or a meme on Facebook and know that it is the answer to your prayer.

Messages can also come through songs. If, all of a sudden, you hear a special song on the radio, that contains the guidance you were looking for – that’s a sign from the Angels!

There are so many ways the Angels communicate with us. Basically put, if you feel what you experience might be a sign, it most certainly is. Be open to receiving the signs now.

Please don’t go out looking for signs, as they most frequently appear out of the blue. Also while you are straining to find the signs, you might overlook the ones they are sending you. Be free of expectations, be open to receive.




As mentioned above, meditation is a wonderful state in which to listen to the Angels. When you are in a state of relaxation, you are much more open to receiving messages. It doesn’t matter what kind of meditation you use – they all work to help you achieve a state of heightened relaxation.

“Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.” Diana Robinson.



The Angels often visit when you sleep. Of course, you are at a deep state of relaxation when you sleep and open to their guidance. Don’t be surprised if you know an answer to something you were fretting about before you went to bed when you wake in the morning.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember your dreams, either. Just know that whatever you need to know may be hidden down deep in your soul and may seem inaccessible when you are awake. Your sub-conscious will be able to work things out when you sleep.


My Angel Story

The day I was due to go live on a radio show, I was a bit nervous. On the way back from driving my children to school, I saw a truck that said ‘Gabriel‘ on its side. I knew immediately that the Angels want to send me a sign to let me know that Archangel Gabriel (the Archangel associated with communication and speech) was with me, and would help me to speak clearly.

It was wonderful to see this message. All of my nervousness left me that moment, and I was happy and eager to talk on the radio show. It turned out to be a great experience.

You can also read, how my father has visited me during my sleep after he had passed into the light here .

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Wishing you a wonderful week!

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