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Hello Beautiful Soul, are you struggling with …

  • Draining relationships, do you feel you are dating the same type of men over and over again, are you ready to release those patterns?
  • Heartbreak, feeling lonely, unloved and unsupported?


  • Do you have a hard time saying No, do you feel you need to help everyone and always be there for others?


  • Are you looking for more purpose in your life, are you children getting older and you feel a bit lost, or are you unhappy and trapped in your day job?


  • Do you feel tense, drained or exhausted, are you ready to feel more energetic, at peace and open up to the joy, fun and play again?


Step into a life of ease, joy, fun again, a life full of love, a life worth living.

Through my In-depth Healing Experience I can help you release your patterns layer by layer in a gentle and loving way, you will learn to come back to yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest and truly feel the love shine out within your heart again.


We will release, clear and heal all past relationships. We will heal old patterns so you are ready for a new kind of relationship, a true soul connection.

We will heal and shed old wounds, so you feel fully connected and supported again and know you are always guided. You learn to trust your own guidance and are ready to ask for support when needed.

You will learn to honour  yourself, so you know when to say No and when saying yes really comes from your heart. We will shed old layers and you will have more energy and can give from a full heart again.

You will find clarity on your next steps, have the confidence to listen within and walking your path, and are able to take your next steps, so you can lead a life with happiness and joy again.

We will release your tension and stiffness and pain in your body, so you can lead a life free of pain and hurt, you will feel lighter, and ready to jump and play again. You will feel more energetic and more in control of your life, you know what serves you and allow yourself to feel the joy again and do things that truly make you happy.

I learned in my years as a healer, that it takes about 5 sessions for each client to see a substantial relief and healing.

A one-off healing session is wonderful, and I’ve seen many breakthroughs, though true magic happens through continued work.

Seeing my clients about once a month, some every 3 weeks, does allow for an even deeper healing. Layer after layers can be healed and transformed.  

This is why I created my In-Depth Healing Experience, a transformative program that helps you thoroughly release and clear and step forward with renewed joy and love for life.  

“Caroline very accurately relayed to me challenges that I was facing and channeled comforting messages that supported me to release and heal old misperceptions of myself. As a result I felt more powerful knowing it is truly safe to be loved. I felt myself return to my innate tenderness with a new level of trust and receptivity. “

Lysa Black

Heart Healer , Heart Magic


Is this for you? What can I help you with?



Did you have a relationship breakup and do you feel you are done with this kind of relationship?


Do you sense you are repeating a pattern dating the wrong kind of men?


Are you ready for true love and romance in your life, would you love to get to a point where you will be able to meet the right kind of men, for a soulful relationship?

Then I invite you to my In-Depth Healing Experience:
We will release, clear and heal all past relationships
We will heal old patterns.
And you will learn to honour yourself, so you know what kind of partner you are truly dreaming about.

You will be ready for a new kind of relationship!

That irritation person in your life:


Do you have that one person, that irritates you?


A person you try to avoid?


a working colleague, a family member or in laws?


Do you have a hard time with your teenage daughter?


Would you love to get back to a more harmonious relationship with your daughter?

My In-Depth Healing Experience can help you to release this pattern.
You will be able to meet this person, without fear or tensing up
You will be able to go to work meetings or family gatherings without cringing, or feeling like hiding.

Would you love to feel calm, at peace and ready to lead your life without irritation of that one person? I’d LOVE to help you with this!

Hard time saying NO:


Do you have a hard time saying No?


Feel like you have to fit in, or please others, only to belong?


Are you afraid you could offend someone by speaking up?


Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, maybe even resentful, though you would sure not allow to feel that way?


Do you feel like a misfit?


Are you struggling through each day, and feel there is no end in sight?

My In-Depth Healing Experience will help you to feel more energized, we will release overwhelm, exhaustion and all layers of tiredness.

You will feel refreshed, happy and have a sense of belonging.

You will know when to say yes, and when you need to say No and you will do that with comfort and a deep sense of assertiveness.

Tension in your Body:


Do you feel tense in your shoulders, neck or back?


Do you feel like you carry the burden of the world around with you?


Do you need to do everything on your own?


How would it feel if you could get up in the morning without aches and pains?


What if you could let go and feel carried and supported?

I invite you to my In-Depth Healing Experience.
During our time together we can release tensions layer after layer.
You will feel more rested, less stressed, and much less tense

You will feel supported and free, joyful and happy to be you.

Looking for true purpose in your life:


Looking for true purpose in your life?


Is your day job not fulfilling anymore, and you don’t know what you would love to do?


Are you looking for a new purpose in your life, something more fulfilling?


Are you thinking there most be more in life?

My In-depth Healing Experience assists you in connecting you to your true passion and purpose, we will dive within and open your treasure trove so you feel deeply guided and get clarity on your next steps.

You are worthy of a fulfilling and purposeful life.

“I was amazed at how you hit on points that were so subtle, yet profound in my life. How even the analysis of who I was in a past life tied so closely into who I am today – how I act, what I do. Integrating that energy into the present moment and grounding into this space was profound for me. Profound is almost an understatement.”

Susan Ellis-Saller

Business Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Souls, Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card Reader (CACRTM), Energy Therapist,


Helps you to get the best out of our time together

I invite you to join me on a healing journey with me ♥

What you’ll receive: 


We meet 5 times for a one on one 60 min Heart Flow Healing Session


You are free to send me an email, if something comes up or you have a question in between sessions.


Your name will be put on my healing altar, and you will be included in my daily distant healing.


You also get access to all my Self Love Modules, they support you through the healing time, and establish healthy energetic habits.


You’ll receive one Meditation from my healing shop.


You’ll receive one Webinar from my healing shop.


Join my Membership program, Caroline’s Circle of Love for 6 months for free (value $150) .

This is to further and deepen your healing experience. We might figure out what you need and I can assist you in choosing the right Webinar and Meditation for you.

If you book one session per month, we will walk together for 5 months. Even with a session every 3 weeks, we will be together for a wonderful period of time. You are flexible in timing and you can book one session at a time.

You are not alone in this, I will be there with you. This is the best healing experience you can get. My sessions are tailor tuned to you every time. I listen to you, see what came up in between and we take it from there. One step at a time.


I love for you to experience True Gentle Healing

I love to Support you through your Healing Experience

And I love to Hold Hands with you through our Time Together.

Purchase my In-depth Healing Experience especially attuned to your needs uniquely tailored for you now.  

Payment options

Payment in full – $888

Payment Plan – paying in 3 installments:

I love for you to get the best out of your healing journey

I love to support you through it all

I am deeply grateful to walking this healing path with you.

Warmest of hugs and much love,

Signature Caroline Palmy

Are you still unsure whether this In-Depth Healing Experience is for you? 

Please book your free 30 min chat with me

During this Heart Revealing Session, I will listen with an open heart and ear
and you get a taste of my magic.


“Taking time to have a healing session with Caroline during a demanding and intense few weeks was absolutely wonderful. The session was such an oasis – like floating in an infinite cloud of peace and sanctuary, being gently showered with soft warm love and guidance.  And it created a palpable and lasting shift in my well being…  The love, insights and wisdom that Caroline channelled were astounding.  Wow moment after wow moment – my head nodding in recognition, my heart opening with love and trust, tears of release falling…  Ten days later, I still feel nourished and changed by the healing as it continues to inform and support me as I meet all that is in store for me.

 I wholeheartedly recommend gifting yourself a healing session with Caroline – a delightful, deeply nourishing and transformative experience leaving you resourced and ready for all of life’s leaps and meanders.

Maggie Kay

Training, Mentoring and Business Alchemy for Coaches and Meditation Teachers, Maggie Kay Wisdom

“My experience with Caroline Palmy was truly magical and she deeply rooted into my Soul wounds from her first breath. You know you have found the healer for yourself when they touch that nerve and the release begins. I could feel and sense the pains that were hiding out gently come to the surface and my freedom allowed me to breathe fuller and become captivated with all of Caroline’s flow of Spiritual information.”

Patrice Hutton-Jones

Healer at Intuitive Coaching, PHJ Coaching


“Caroline gave me one of the most powerful healings I have ever experienced.

Listening to her was like listening to the advice and wisdom of an angel who knew me well. I wrote down much of what she said so I could refer back to it often. What a remarkable session. I am full of gratitude. “

Fisher Woodward

Intuitive Healer, Fisher Woodward

“Caroline has this incredibly calm and loving energy that she wraps all around you. Her insights and comments were spot on, really touching on what’s playing in my life, helping me to see things clearly. 

I felt stuck for a while and was also dealing with some minor health issues, but all of this cleared up in the days following my time with Caroline, like the light was shining just so much brighter again. ” 

Helena Heart

Blossomer of Business with Website Magic,

“Caroline is one of the most loving and gentle souls I know. Her energy is filled with love and she sees everyone with so much compassion and offers her wisdom so generously. I love how she shares her stories and challenges with such an open heart and by doing so she helps others to feel safe enough to open up their hearts too. I highly recommend working with Caroline and know she will always show up fully and shower her soul sisters with unconditional love.” 

Karina Ladet

Intuitive Business Mentor,

My session with Caroline was incredibly powerful, unlike anything I have ever experienced. She was able to feel into each part of me and accurately identify the blocks – very specific memories that apparently were still being held in my energy system. The messages were all super clear and specific, nothing was vague or general. I could physically feel the energy leaving my body and my heart opening. I feel lighter and more sure of myself – it definitely feels like something heavy has been lifted. Caroline has a very powerful gift and is truly special. If you’re feeling out of balance, heavy or in need of some loving care, then I highly recommend a session with Caroline, you’ll be able to move forward again without this feeling that something is holding you back. 
Joanna Hennon

Soul Wisdom Mentor,

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