What does it feel like to be an empath

How is it to be sensitive and sense others feeling?

Do you easily tire around people? Do you feel like you are bombarded with emotions when walking through shopping malls or city centers? Have you ever felt someone else’s pain like it was your own? Do you consider yourself empathic? These are just some of the answers to the question ‘what does it feel like to be an Empath?’.

I used to label myself as too sensitive, but now I have learnt that that sensitivity is part of being an Empath and is actually one of my greatest gifts.

Empaths are usually described as people who pick up on someone else’s pain and feelings easily. They have empathy for others; they can sense the discomfort of others in their own bodies. Empaths fully understand where someone’s pain is coming from.

I cry easily. I cry watching romantic movies and, yes, I cry at weddings, too. My youngest even brought along a box of tissues for me at the last wedding we were invited to, with a big knowing smile on his face. He got me a tissue as soon as he sensed my tears were coming.

Of course, when I watch movies about criminals, I also get a sense of the horror the victims face. When I was a teenager, I watched a horror movie and I still have nightmares. ;-)

Dear Empaths, stay away from cruel movies. Watch uplifting things only.

Common Signs That You Are An Empath

  • Empaths are full of Love. They love to heal and care very much for others
  • They want to help others and often forget themselves because of the urge to assist others
  • They feel the pain of others
  • They sense the energy of crowds
  • They often blame themselves
  • They are always looking inside if something is wrong
  • They have an open heart

Empaths are usually people others are drawn to, as they are very helpful, understanding, sympathetic and – yes – empathic. The downside of this magnetism is that Empaths are easily exploited. Many Empaths do not have natural boundaries in place, so they need to learn to be more assertive. Saying no is hard for an Empath, as they see the other people’s needs. They often burn themselves out helping others while forgetting all about their own needs.

Empaths, please remember that it is very much ok to look after yourself too! You will come to the realisation that you have to look after yourself FIRST because only when you look after yourself, can you then actually assist others. Yes, I see you cringing! ;-). Healthy Boundaries and a healthy dose of Assertiveness are an act of Self Love.

Relationship Patterns For Empaths

Relationships can be tricky for Empaths, as they:

  • Want to help
  • Want to heal
  • Feel the pain of others
  • Often have partners who should be clients (need help)
  • See the good in others and ignore the bad
  • See potential, which is not always the reality

Oh yes, Empaths often have to learn this all by experience. What would life be without the exciting journey? Once an Empath learns to look after him/herself and puts up some healthy boundaries, she/he will be looking for the right type of partner, too.

Being an Empath Is Wonderful

Now that I have learnt to put up some healthy boundaries, I love being an Empath. Now that I have recognized my tendency to be a little too eager to help others, I can enjoy the beautiful side of it more.

Growing up as an Empath had its struggles. I was a deeply sensitive person who picked up on other’s mood and pain, but I wasn’t able to really discern where all of the feelings were coming from. I often had a whirlwind of emotions deep inside of me, and I thought they originated within me.

I would love to share some of my stories so you can see where my empathic self came through, and how I learnt to realise what a great gift it is.

stories being empath

My stories:

Shopping with my daughter:

My daughter loves shopping. Yes, she is all girl! She is 15, and a typical teenager. She is also extroverted. Of course, she loves to take me along to shop so that I will buy her things.

For me, as an Introvert and an Empath, shopping centers are very draining, even with shielding.

Last time we went, I was just overwhelmed. There was loud music playing, there were so many people, and the energy in the shopping mall just got to me. I started to get very tired and irritated. I felt like I needed to eat or like I’d had too much coffee. It was just that I was being over stimulated and I needed to escape.

After an outing like that, I usually have to lie down and get some rest. It puts me out of sync for the rest of the day. I feel completely exhausted, absolutely shattered – and I was only shopping.

My daughter of course, does NOT understand this, and feels deprived when I cut a trip short.

I’ve learnt to talk to her about how it affects me, and we’ve discovered that it’s best she goes with her friends who can shop all day. ;-)

It is important for an Empath to enjoy outings with family and friends. Choose excursions wisely, as you will learn what suits you best.

Clearing Sexual Chakra on a client and experiencing the pain and sadness

I am trained in Pranic Healing, and during one of the class exercises we were cleansing out our Sexual Chakras in a partner exercise. When I connected to my partner, first I felt like there was no sexual chakra. I could not sense it. I then realised that my partner had closed down. I looked into her eyes, and then she let go. All of a sudden, I had this wave of emotional pain come over me. I actually cried.

I felt such old pain come up and I felt like a young child – insecure, unloved, and deeply pained. My partner was looking at me and asked me tensely, “Do you feel something?” I just looked into her eyes (as an introverted Empath, I speak more with my eyes than with my mouth). After I asked her permission, I just hugged her, and she relaxed on my shoulder. She later told me that her father had sexually abused her when she was a child.

We sat together for a while in silence then I congratulated her for being able to open up and let go of that old pain. I went on to clear out her Sexual Chakra, and cried and took deep breaths while doing so.
She was releasing through me. I was immensely proud of this woman – how she could release that old pain – and the trust she shared with me.

That was the moment I learnt that being an Empath is an amazing gift. Feeling someone else’s pain is so helpful in healing work, as most clients don’t really share their deepest feelings easily, and my gift of empathy helps me understand better. People might feel more connected to Empaths and sense the trust they can have in us.

I really enjoy my readings and my healing sessions tremendously, as I can tune into my clients’ bodies and emotions easily, which hopefully provides them with better messages from the Angels.

Clearing out Throat Chakra and all of a sudden having throat pain

When I was working on another partner during one of my Pranic Healing classes, I felt a sore throat coming on. I first thought, “Oh no! I am coming down with a cold now.” Then I thought, “No, this can’t be. I was fine – this is too sudden,” so I asked my partner “Do you have a sore throat?” and she said, ‘”Yes I do. I always do.”

It was such a severe sore throat, and if that poor lady had it all the time, that would be really bad! I felt it as if it was in my body, but it was NOT my pain.

This was my first step in learning to differentiate the pain of others from my own pain or being able to tell what comes from the inside, and what I pick up from others. This is an important step for an Empath.

Empaths have to learn to listen deep into their bodies and to be connected with themselves in order to sense whether something is from inside or outside.

Remember, understanding your empathy is a path, and we are all works in progress.

13 helpful things

Things that are helpful for Empaths

“Dear Empaths, take some time out, do things you enjoy, stay away from crowds, and be out in nature as often as possible.”

And, yes, learn to listen to your own body.

I hope this has helped you along your path. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave me a comment below.

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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