you are called to share your light


We are all lightworkers, some of us are truly aware that they are needed to bring forward their light, and help Mother Earth. Being a Lightworker can come in many forms. You feel a true call now, to share with the world, and finally have a sense why you are on earth. 


What is a Lightworker

A person who is helping the earth to shine, someone who shines bright and shares his/her light with the world. A Lightworker helps others to shine their light too.

A person who brings forward the light and lightness of life.


How can we help the world

We can help the world by sharing a clear vision of a better world, by holding this vision. By shining from our heart and soul, by deeply connecting to Mother Earth and the Universe, by being the pillar of light and sharing the light with the world and everyone on it.

We can leave golden footpaths wherever we go.

We can visualize a healthy beautiful peaceful world, and keeping this vision.

Raising our vibration and shining our light also helps the world.


From my Healing Shop

I invite you to join my Circle of Love and connect to your light within and share it with a group of like-minded soul sisters.


Heart & Soul

Learn more about Lightworkers in our latest episode of Heart and Soul. Janet Groom and I are sharing, how we feel about being a Lightworker.


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