How to release lower energies

Each of us comes into contact with many different kinds of energy each and every day. Some energies we encounter are uplifting while others are draining.

Cleansing your energy system daily is as important as taking a shower to cleanse your physical body. Washing away, cleansing, and releasing your energy body of all forms of lower energy is essential to your well being, and continuing growth.

There are so many possibilities to release lower energies, and I will go into several that I find most healing.

Walk in Nature

Nature vibrates at an extremely high level – it is clean, pure energy. Indulging in that lovely energy daily is healing, relaxing, and releasing.

A beautiful walk in nature, surrounded by green fields, trees, and maybe even a source of water, like a stream, river, or lake is awesome for your soul. The colours soothe your eyes and nourish your well-being.

In nature, you are able to connect with the Universe, the Angels, and all the love around you. You will relax and automatically release all kind of stress or negativity.

Breathing in the fresh air restores you, and you are able to heal on all levels.

Go out into nature daily. If you live in a big city that doesn’t have any nature areas, go to a park, or just sit near a tree.


Trees are amazing healers. They carry old wisdom and change lower energy into higher energy, in the same way they give oxygen by transmuting the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

If you can, stand next to a tree. Imagine that you are like a tree, with roots growing out of the soles of your feet – those roots connect with Mother Gaia (Earth) and the ancient wisdom of the trees.

Imagine how your roots allow you to let go of everything that burdens you. Breathe in the wisdom, the calm, and the power of the tree you are standing next to and the earth that you are rooted into.

You can also embrace a tree and rest your forehead on its bark. It is easy to connect with the love and healing that are contained within the tree that way. Hugging trees also helps to calm your brain and soothe your thinking.

Then hold your arms up and gently sway in the wind. Ask for flexibility. Imagine being deeply rooted and stable – but still flexible – so you won’t break in the wind.

Be like a tree: stand tall and proud.


People often send flowers to loved ones when they are in hospital because they are such wonderful healing tools.

Flowers cheer people up instantly.

Connecting with flowers opens you to the energy of the Universe and allows the Angels to work with you.

So whenever you see a flower or a tree in bloom, stop, look at it, smell the flower, and just be still for a moment.

Allow the healing of the flower to go through you… releasing, healing, and lifting you up.

It is also good to have some fresh flowers in your home, as it lifts your energy and keeps a soothing calm environment. Of course, flowers are also associated with the Angels, and represent their loving and healing energy.


You may feel stressed because you have too many things to do, so it is essential for you to come back to your roots – to just be calm for a bit and reconnect with who you truly are.

Go walk barefoot on grass or moss, and simply enjoy the tingly feeling between your toes. Let the cool energy of the earth soothe you. Breathe it all in through the soles of your feet, and just be.

Stand with your feet apart – tall and proud – and gain some of the strength and security that comes to you through your direct connection with the earth.

Breathe in deeply and release when you exhale.

You can learn more about grounding in my blog post Grounding is Essential.

Salt Baths

Salt baths are very healing, and also deeply cleansing and releasing.

I have written a blog post on salt baths. You can read more here if you’d like to find out more about them.


Whenever you are stressed or burdened, you may forget to breathe down into your belly. Often, you will breathe just into your chest, not allowing the breath to reach the lower chakras and your entire energy system.

So it is essential to concentrate on breathing. Put the palms of your hands on your lower belly – below your navel – and concentrate on breathing into your hands. Expand your belly (even if your mother taught you to keep your belly in). This way you can relax and release. This is called conscious breathing.

Breathe consciously at least three times a day, and more often if you feel stressed or tired.

Bringing fresh oxygen into your body by consciously breathing is important as you may drain your system of important oxygen if you don’t breathe deeply.


Shielding ourselves from lower and harsh energies is essential for blocking lower energies from draining you. You can read more about shielding in my blog post here.


It is necessary to drink plenty of water daily to flush out what you no longer need in your system. Your body needs to detox and heal from the inside out as well.

Fresh, clear water is an essential source of your well-being.

Your body consists of 75% water, so you need to make sure to keep hydrated and bring in fresh clear, pure water daily. Like exhaling removes toxins from your system, flushing your system with plenty of water helps you to flush lower energy out of your body.

release lower energies ideas

Sun Bathing

The sun can help you to heal and release – it can burn away lower energy and release you from everything that weighs you down.

(Of course, you need to be mindful about exposure and adhere to your own skin tone. Only spend the appropriate amount of time in the sun.)

The solar plexus (situated below your rib cage and above your navel) is the centre where you store lower emotions. That chakra can easily become blocked up with pain, hurt, guilt, unforgiveness, and other lower emotions.

Whenever the sun is shining, you should try to sit outside for at least 10 minutes, letting the sun burn away all lower energies. Also, if you can, bare your belly (I do), and let the sun shine directly on your solar plexus while you take deep breaths and release all lower and stuck emotions.

This is a very healing and soothing procedure.

Enjoy the sun and let it burn away anything that no longer serves you.


Meditation is a time to relax and release. During meditation, you are open to receiving guidance from the Universe. Meditation is a time to connect with the Angels and listen for their messages.

If you are new to meditation, you can just take some time daily to sit still and concentrate on your breathing and try to just be.

Alternatively, you can listen to a guided meditation. Guided meditations can be very soothing and releasing, as well as healing.

You can find a couple of guided Meditation that can help you along on my Healing Shop.

You can even join a meditation group, or try to find a Meditation with the Angels near you. Personally, I hold a Meditation evening near Zurich on a monthly basis. You can find out more about it on my Events page here.


I know you are not a baby anymore, but still, naps can be so restorative, healing, and releasing. Naptime is a time to let go of your issues and relax.

Taking a nap helps you to shut down and leaves your mind at peace, so you can connect to your own inner truth and are more able to listen to guidance from the Angels. Sometimes napping allows time for lucid dreaming and being very close to Angelic wisdom. I often get great inspiration during my naps.

Whenever you feel tired, allow yourself to take a nap, it will probably help you. After your nap, you will likely feel more productive and refreshed.

Release it all during a nap.


Detoxing is also a helpful tool to release lower energies, especially if you approach your detox in a holistic way. When detoxing, it is also necessary to work with your emotions and thought patterns – not only your body.

Think of a detox as a flushing out of your energy system, where you learn to concentrate on the good, positive, and loving.

Observe your self-talk and your thoughts, and readjust if necessary. Think only positive thoughts. Release all others.

Concentrate on good feelings. Learn to be grateful for what you have, and expand that feeling in your heart, while releasing all negative emotions.

Please note that it is absolutely normal to have negative thoughts and emotions – we are all human. When you focus on detoxing your thoughts, though, it’s important to stop talking yourself down or punishing yourself for not being perfect. Just observe, cleanse away negativity, and concentrate on positivity.

Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves have written a beautiful book on this topic, ‘Detoxing with the Angels.’ You can find it here on Amazon.

Exercise and Movement

Shake your body, move around, dance, and be wild. Get your energy flowing – this way old and stuck energy gets released.

Find some sort of movement that you love to do. Remember that even a walk is enough, or perhaps dancing for 5 minutes in the privacy of your home might be all you need.

Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and Tai Chi are lovely practices that can also help you connect to yourself. If you have been curious about any of them, you may want to find a YouTube video or check out a class.

Cutting Cords

Cut the energetic cords to all lower energies with the help of the Angels. You can read about this in my last blog post here.

Open Up to Creativity

I always thought I was not a creative person. I can’t draw. I can’t paint. That was till I learnt that creativity expands way beyond the arts.

You can be creative by singing, taking photos, writing, doing arts and crafts, or arranging flowers, among other things. Those are all creative pursuits. Even writing blog posts is an outlet.

I have let go of fear of not being good and just grabbed a box of crayons, started doodling, and I was extremely happy with the outcome.

What I’ve learnt about being creative is that you should

Let go of the need for perfection and just do it

Being creative is being in the flow of life. So find something that you love to do – maybe dancing, expressing yourself through movement, singing along, or creating your own tunes. Just go out there and do it.

You might also try creating a vision board focused on how you want your life to be. Get some pictures from the internet and a big piece of paper and make your very own “perfect life” collage.

Being creative unblocks the throat chakra, and also helps with speaking and standing up for yourself. So go try it out.

I can tell from my own experience that being creative is amazing, and that I love being creative. Remember, too, that what you do is for yourself; you never have to show your creations to anyone if you don’t want to.


If you are not happy with whom you are, you are vibrating at a lower energy level. Releasing all blocks to self-acceptance and all hindrances to self-love is very freeing and liberating.

Release all thoughts of comparison and need for perfection. By accepting who you truly are, you free up blocked energy and get back into the flow of love.

Improve the way you feel about yourself, join me on a 7 Day Nurturing Self Love Journey.

Please feel free to explore the above-mentioned releasing tools and be open to finding your own techniques too.

I also recommend this gorgeous soothing meditation from my healing shop:

Release, Balance and Recharge with Archangel Metatron

I am always happy to hear about your experiences. Please leave a comment and help us all along the path.

Warm hugs,

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