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Are you tired of feeling unloved, fed up with looking for love, hoping to find the perfect partner so you can finally be yourself?

Are you still struggling with fitting in, finding the approval or acknowledgement you are seeking so much?

Look no further

I know, I have been there for far too many long years,

It feels so exhausting, and often like an uphill battle.

 What if love can be easy, and you are worthy and lovable just the way you are?

Wouldn’t that feel awesome? Free some energy and also time? Are you ready to step into the person you were meant to be?

 I invite you on a journey on and of and about love. Let’s explore love from different areas and viewpoints.

I know by sharing my story from my heart, I can inspire you, to look within, and remember the love too.

I help you release all the burden and the stress around trying to fit in or finding love.

 You are not alone, we are in this together.

Signature Caroline Palmy

“Caroline has such a gentle spirit. I’ve had the pleasure to be part of several healing circles she’s given and each time it’s as if I have taken a bath in warm water. She’s got the most amazing way of calming and providing peace.”
Leigh Daniel

Founder of Project Positive Change, projectpositivechange.com


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Caroline Palmy is one of my favorite authors in the spiritual community right now. Her openhearted sharing of her own experiences helps readers to understand that others have gone through the same thing as they have. Her mission is to help others grow, feel better about themselves, and connect not only with spirit, but more importantly, with themselves and with love.
Sue Ellis Saller

Tarot Reader, Energy Healer, Business Coach, Author, and Editor, SueEllisSaller.com

As someone who’s often found it difficult to love and find her way to her heart and self, it was first very uncomfortable getting to know Caroline, but when you do, a whole new world of love and healing opens up. A world of appreciation and consideration. Empathy and understanding. Her compassion and fire to assist others in finding the love to themselves and those around them is infectious.
Sashka Hanna Rapl

Brand Master & Business Strategist, BrandSashka.com

Caroline Palmy is a calm, wise voice and presence in this noisy and often confusing world. In her writing she shares her deep insights into her own personal expansion but moreover she takes the readers hand and offers guidance into living a life based on flow and love. It’s powerful and moving. I’m so thankful that Caroline is sharing her voice and energy with the world!
Rachel Hansen

Intuitive Money Mindset Coach & Inner-Work Guide, WorthyAF.com


to be love
to spread love

I invite you on a journey to love, yes I have looked in all the wrong places to find love, I felt deeply unworthy, tried to please others, in order to feel love. I stayed in relationships far too long, just to feel I am worthy of love. We are human, most of us feel the loss of that eternal love, and we come here on earth looking for that love.


Love is easy, love simply is.

How can we come back to that glorious place of love; the love that is easy and simply is?

this is what my book is all about !

By sharing my stories from the bottom of my heart, uncensored, humbly and with a deep compassion for myself, I aim to make you aware of your patterns, of your believes around love. I love to take you by your hand, guiding you through my stories and opening your eyes to love, the love you have been all along.

“Caroline Palmy is a master memoirist. Her ability to speak to the human experience through the written word is phenomenal. She delivers ageless wisdom in a gentle and powerful way. She is truly one of a kind.”
Sean Patrick

Director and founder of That Guy’s House , thatguyshouse.com

that you’ll receive as a gift when you pre-order my book 

Bonus 1 – Access to my Heal Your Heart Webinar

We do close our heart, when we are hurt, when we go through grief or a breakup and we feel we can’t bear the pain anymore. However going through life with a closed & shielded heart also keeps us from feeling the joy and seeing the beauty in our lives. We are stuck, literally or figuratively. I help you with some easy to use healing tools and a deeply healing meditation so you can heal your heart and come back to more love again.

Bonus 2 – Audio to Wisdom From the Heart

At the end of each chapter there is a gorgeous Wisdom From The Heart part, with a helpful exercise or meditation. I have recorded those exercises as audios, so you can listen to them, diving into the meditation as you listen, doing the exercise along with me right there guiding you through it. Those  audios are available on Itunes for anyone to purchase. For you they come as a gift in the Bundle of Love 

Bonus 3 – Access to the Book Club private FB group

I have created a gorgeous Book Club for all of us. We meet in a safe Facebook group, where you can ask questions, we can all share experiences, and yes I will lead you along your journey of love with questions or prompts. This Book Club is a place to linger with a cup of coffee. The group is ready for you to join right now, to get to know each other, and I will be sharing with you.


STEP 1 – buy the book on amazon:

Wenn Du lieber die Deutsche Version meines Buches liest kannst Du es hier bei Amazon.de bestellen, die zusätzlichen Geschenke hier sind alle in englisch :


See what’s in my Love Bundle Here


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“Being in Caroline’s presence is calming and smoothing. She is a gentle soul with an abundance of loving kindness to share with everyone.  Her books are healing, allowing each of us to pause and reflect; giving us permission to love ourselves a little more each day.  Caroline has genuinely worked on her healing; on being and becoming.  She’s a courageous goddess who willingly shares the truth of her own story.  Thank you for sharing yourself and your words with us Caroline, the world is so much the better for having you in it.”
Rev. Deb Connor MBAcC

Author of The Little Book of Dao & The 12 Step Colouring Book, Transformational Life Coach, Mixed Media Artist, Interfaith Minister & trainee Daoist Priest, DebConner.co.uk

“Caroline Palmy is such a kind and beautiful warm-hearted deep soul. Her level of warmth and energy can only be obtained by facing and breaking through great struggle and challenge. She is able to take her experience, her journey, and her connection with the Divine to help her clients and the world to attain higher levels of peace, awareness, and connection. Caroline is one of those special souls who is here on Earth to bring us to a new beginning, a new awakening, and a higher level of consciousness.”
Pete Cossaboon

Healer / Inspirational Coach, PeteCossaboon.com

“I have known Caroline for a number of years now, and every time I speak with her what comes shining through is the light of her love. She understands love at its deepest levels and gives love from the highest unconditional place, which in my book makes her very special! People like Caroline not only help others to find the love in them, but also to help them see that love when it is given without condition has all the power, kindness and grace they will ever need to succeed in their mission. She is a sparkling jewel and I treasure her!”
Andrew Hobbs

Poet & Channel for the Divine , Andrew-Hobbs.com

From my new book Loving Conversations with Me:

Being nice became my thing. I did what I thought others would approve of so that I could feel like I deserved to be loved.


My thoughts of not being good enough fed my insecurities, and somehow affirmed that something was essentially wrong with me, and that I desperately needed to change.


I have only ever felt loved when I was in a relationship, and probably stayed too long in unhealthy relationships.

I realized how I held on to my relationships way past their expiration dates—well past the end of their healthiness—just because I needed to feel loved, to feel like I was worthy of love. I needed that outside approval, that outside source of affection to feel loved.


 If not even I could love myself, how could someone else truly love me?

And a gorgeous journey to love began.

This journey to reconnecting to the love within myself was starting: a profoundly compassionate, deeply understanding, deeply accepting and profoundly loving journey.


“Caroline Palmy is the presence of calm. Her soothing voice brings me to a centre of calm and whenever I hear it, I am instantly at peace. As a healer she is subtle but powerful, her heart flow healing sessions are a delight. Caroline is a loving presence that we could all do with more of in our lives.”
Sam Livermore

Gladiator of Love, SamLivermore.com

Caroline is a wonderful soul and her work to bring people back into flow with their hearts is a special gift. She is an inspiration and her books not only offer hope, but provide simple steps to get back into ‘heart flow’.
Janet Groom

Writer/Author & Book Coach, Janet Groom

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