Healing abilities of Salt baths

Healing Abilities of Salt Baths

Salt Baths are very releasing and healing.

If you are living next to the ocean, and the water is warm enough for a daily swim, that is amazing. Even if the water is too cool to swim, the salty air will heal your nasal membranes and lungs.

Salt water is removing all lower energies. Releases all blockages in your system, and rinses away anything you no longer need. Coming out of a salt bath you might feel very refreshed, or you might even be ready for a nap. Listen to your body, and do as you feel. You might need a rest, after all the cleansing and healing. Later on though, you will feel refreshed and freer.

Salt water is also very healing, it rejuvenates your skin, muscles, ligaments and joints and bones. Lying in the Sea helps me tremendously with my whip lash. The warm soothing water, and the ability to just let go and relax shoulders and neck and head are amazing, and I feel much healthier after a stay at a beach. Living in Switzerland, I do have to travel to be at the beach though. However, you get the same feel from a sole pool nearby, or you can even do your own salt bath in your tub.



The Sea: If you live near the ocean and can go and swim in it, wonderful, that is the best. Swim, lie in the water or do whatever feels good for you.

Sole Pool: If you have a possibility to go to a sole pool near by, that is wonderful also. Swim, lie in the water or anything you like.

Tub: You can enjoy a salt bath in your very own tub. Use one kilo (2 pounds) of salt, preferably Epsom Salt, or any clean cooking salt,(preferably without any additives) to one full tub of warm (to your liking) water. You can use some lavender oil or rose petals for your benefits also or any other oil you like to enhance the feeling. Set your intention, do I like to relax or would I love to refresh myself, and use the oils accordingly. Soak in it.

If you do not have a tub, you could just scrub your body with salt while showering, That is wonderful also.



It is best to emerge fully into the salt water, so all chakras and all energy lines and areas are covered and cleansed and healed. Of course it is ok, if you prefer not to get your head under water. Most important is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ask the Angels, God, or the Universe, or any religion you belief in to help you. I do it with the Angels, so I would say ‘Please Archangel Raphael, help me heal my whole body, please help me release all the pain, worries and sorrow. Please wash away all fears. Archangel Michael please cut all cords to lower energy, including fear and anger, and please release me from anything that no longer serves me’. This is just to give you an idea. Please feel free to skip this step or amend it, so it is right for you. You have to feel comfortable with what you do.

And then just let yourself soak for about 20 minutes, or how long you will feel comfortable. Think of areas in your body, that could do with some healing, releasing or relaxing. Breathe into those areas, and ask for new energy to go to that areas.

Light a candle, listen to some music, and just be.

Afterwards, rinse with fresh water, and wash everything away.

Relax and feel free.

I usually do it once a week, however you can use it daily, if you feel the need for it. I would however, if it is the first time, not overdo it, do it once, see how you feel, and repeat only after a couple of days. Let the healing take place, and wait for it to sink in, before you have another go at it.

Please feel free to spread the word of salt baths

and happy relaxing, releasing and healing

Warmest wishes

Signature Caroline Palmy

you can read more about how to release lower energies in my blog post 16 Ways to release lower energies.

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