Have a Positive Outlook

Are you a generally positive person? Or are you more of a pessimist? And how does this affect you and your life and the people around you?

Coming back to Switzerland from Australia is a long journey. Flying to and back with the same Airline, and switching planes on their hub is fine. Alas, when we switched planes in Abu Dhabi, on our last leg back to Zurich, the airplane didn’t start, after we have boarded. It was 2AM local time. They switched on the entertaining system, and I thought, wait a minute, what is going on, they usually only start the entertaining system once we are in the air. So I asked a flight attendant, he said, oh there is fog, we might be a couple of hours delayed. Never mind, we were all tired, after already nearly 20 hrs of travel, and we just settled in for some more movies and some snooze time. As you might know, I am a single mother, and I travelled with my three kids, ok, they are a bit older, and self sufficient now, and don’t need that much distraction/attention anymore, so it was easy. Still sitting in a plane for hours, might wear down the best of person. However we were all happy, snoozing and watching movies, and just being. What did I have to go to anyway, unpacking and a huge pile of laundry, and yes our cat. Poor thing was alone for 3 weeks (with a cat sitter looking after him of course), and then again, a couple of more hours didn’t really make any difference in the long run. So we settled for the wait. Yes there was nothing we could change anyway, so we were happy to accept our situation and make the best out of it.

Then in the row behind me, there was a lady, and she started to complain, and she moaned, and she complained some more. Nothing was right, she even become very accusatory, she blamed everyone for lying, and I got the feeling she took it very personal. What a pity, I thought. She sure had a lovely vacation in the warmth, away from the snow and cold of Switzerland. She was on her way home, and why can she be so miserable. It’s not like she is going to change anything with being unfriendly to the staff.

Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. ” Francis of Assisi

Never mind her, I minded my own business, and I was surprised how little her negativity had any impact on my generally good mood. Yes I am an empath, and yes I am a sensitive person, and yes I used to pick up on all kinds of energy, but this time, I wasn’t kicked out of my good mood and good feelings. I was greatly relieved. This was amazing, I could just observe her and her less optimistic approach to this situation. Realizing, how different people are, how different backgrounds we all have, and how wonderful it is, that my kids didn’t even complain ONCE. They were content and generally positive, and just going along with the situation. Yes, when do they have unlimited movie time at home?

I know, shielding has helped me a lot (you can read more about shielding in my blog Shielding with the Angels), asking the angels to help me to keep lower energies away, and let only love permeate. Being more content with who I am as a person as an incarnated soul did also heal and help, and a general love for everything and everyone as well as a high level of acceptance did round my new experience up.

Eventually it grew light outside. So I got up, walked around the airplane, was generally pleased with the calm and composed energy there was, we all took it, as it came. I fetched some coffee and tea back with the flight attendants, loved to stretch my legs, and we had a good time. There was no real food being served, as they couldn’t use the kitchen, so we had some cakes and some form of sandwich, but they tried their best under the circumstances.

Towards midday, we were able to start, after sitting 10 hrs in that plane. Yes it does sound a lot, and it might have been. Still it didn’t seem so bad, not at the time and definitely not looking back. Again, my kids were heroes and I felt so calm and at peace, so there was nothing we could do, just be.

The crew was exchanged, and when we were in the air, they served us breakfast, something warm after all that time. In general you do NOT fly because of the food, and airline food is no gourmet dinner, still it is nice to get something warm. So the lady in the back immediately started to complain about the food, and what was bad, and what was not good enough, and and and…

and my youngest son, 11 years old, said:

‘Mom, I love this airline, they serve the best food, they show the best movies, and they are so friendly, I always want to fly with them’

I looked at him, with tears in my eyes, I was so very very proud at his refreshing and wonderful remark. I realized, yes indeed, there are always two ways of seeing things. You either see the good in it, or you see the bad.

What would you rather see?

Concentrate on that?

Realize when you shift off to negative, to nagging, to gossiping, to complaining, to maybe feeling a victim, and immediately reverse your thinking. You will feel a difference, maybe not immediately, but sure after a while. The world around you changes, and you will notice more good things coming your way, and you will see more people with smiles, and you will uplift people around you. Read more about how to cut cords to negativity in my blog post cutting the cords with the Angels.

Recent studies show that optimistic people live longer. Or at least they have a sunnier life. Just know, that negativity, anger, frustration and stress might manifests in your body, and can play havoc with your Chakras and Energy System. Release and let go and learn to be patient. You can read more about how to release lower energies in my blog post 16 ways to release lower energies.

If you often feel drained, or are pulled down by more pessimistic people, try shielding, meditation and focusing on the good, and sending out love and light. Learn to stay centered in your own peace, and then the world around you can rock, and you won’t be affected.

Either way: Why not give it a try?

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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