Open our hearts

Why is it so important to Open our Hearts

There are wonderful benefits of living with an open heart, an opportunity to heal your heart now, release the pain and hurt that keeps you back and small and afraid, and be ready to enter the new era with an open heart. Learn why it is so important to open our hearts now.

What are the benefits of having an open heart

When our hearts are open, we live in a beautiful world, are feeling the flow of life and have deep compassion for ourselves.


You will finally feel in the flow again.


You are opening up to a wonderful joyful life. You will feel joy on a new level.

Grateful heart

You will feel gratitude much deeper, and open your heart to a grateful life.

Deep meaningful connections

Finally you feel those deep connections to your loved ones again, and are able to meet like minded friends.


You are opening the doors to your heart, and feel the love flowing through you, and start loving yourself and get a sense that you are indeed love.


You have a new found appreciation for yourself and life itself.


You tap into a gentleness for yourself and loved ones around you.


Finally you feel compassion towards yourself and others. Remember it all starts within.


How can the heart get blocked in the first place

Maybe there was an instant, that you told yourself, I never ever want to feel this pain or hurt anymore, and that’s when you close down your heart, in order not to feel anymore. Yes you close down to ALL feelings.


When we loose a loved one, our heart feels broken, we grief deeply and are hurt and in pain.


Any heart pain, a relationship split up, a betrayal, can cause our heart to close down.


When we are deeply hurt, when a friend has been mean or hurtful, we close down, and block our flow.


Fear can also block our heart, and there is enough fear out there, we sensitive pick up.


‘I never ever forgive that person, for what they have done’. This deep hurt and pain and unforgiveness is robbing you of the joys in life. You will become deeply resentful and keep your heart closed for any future happiness.


How can I open the heart

There are several ways we can open our hearts, often it is best to do it with an experienced healer, that holds you in the right energy, so you feel safe and ready to let go and dive into the opening of your heart.

Breathing through your heart

You can breathe through your heart by imagining yourself being grounded and connected to the universe, and simultaneously breathe in both energies and breathe them out through your heart.

Asking Mother Mary to heal your heart

Mother Mary is an amazing wonderful gentle hear healer. She can help us to open our hearts. Simply ask her for her help, or join my loving Workshop.

Healing Pain and hurt

It is time to release past pain and hurt and arrive in the here and now. You can heal past pain and hurt with the angels or in an intuitive energy healing session.

Ho’opono pono

The traditional Hawaiian forgiveness ritual is very helpful on our healing journey. Start by forgiving yourself, by looking yourself in the eye and repeating the 4 sentences over and over:

  • I apologize
  • Please forgive me
  • I love you (insert your name)
  • Thank you


What helps keeping the heart open

It is one thing to open your hearts in a gorgeous session or in my workshop, however it is quite another to keep it open, as we so easily close it down again.


Practice gratitude, either with a journal, or simply holding your hands on your heart and being grateful.

Connecting to your heart daily

Put your hands on your heart take some deep breaths and ask yourself, what is it that I need now. Keep connecting to your heart, it eases stress and helps you keeping your heart open. Ask your heart what it wants you to know.

Releasing lower energies

Cutting your energy cords regularly, and imagining walking through a water fall and all your lower energies are washed away, helps you keeping your heart open.

Rose Energy

Anything rose is connected to the heart. I love to carry a rose quartz with me, love smelling at roses, or looking at pictures with roses, as well as showering with a rose scented shower gel, or using a rose perfume or essence.


Nature is an amazing healer and helps us connecting to our hearts, feeling gratitude towards it all and keeping our hearts wide open.


Why is opening our heart even more important now

It was always important to live with an open heart, it is even more important now, as we are entering a new era, a new dimension and we are all coming back to leading a more heartfull way.

New Era

We are entering a heart based era, a more loving more compassionate time of life.

Heart Based

This time asks us to be heart based, and stay connected to our hearts, with deep compassion and love.


We are all centering in our hearts now, and feel more connected to each other. We are all one indeed.

5th Dimension

We are entering the 5th Dimension, you might have heard others speak about this, it asks us to be open in our hearts and feel deeply.

Divine Feminine

It is the time of the Divine Feminine, the compassionate loving, nurturing gorgeous Mother energy, are you ready to lead the way for others too.

Diana Cooper

Gorgeous Diana Cooper also speaks of Keeping Your Heart Open, in How to live in the 5th Dimension

‘act with loving kindness at all times. If someone asks and kindly towards you or hurts you, bless them with love’

As she shares on her Instagram @DianaCooper in one of her posts.


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