Dear Beautiful Soul,

My brand new pink and sparkly Website is live now.

I have finally stepped up and incorporated ALL of me.

This new website really represents who I am and what I have to offer.

I feel so excited and I know that this is a big step. I am coming out of hiding. This website is all about me connecting on an even deeper level with you.

If you have been part of my journey, you know I started a couple of years ago with


Energy Healing

I was proud to share about Pranic Healing and EFT.

I felt it was a good start for me. Yes, it was energy healing; however, I was still staying on the safe side by only embracing a part of who I am and what I believe. I wanted to be scientifically proven.

Later I fully embraced the Angels and called it



Angelic Healing

I embraced the flexibility of doing my kind of healing, one that didn’t have such a strict protocol. I did more of what I really loved; however, I was still hiding behind the Angels, just to be safe. Every now and then I peeked out from behind them,

I offered readings and loved that. Healing is my core, though, and healing is where I thrive.

Now I have arrived. I know who I can help best, and how I can share my own experiences to help you on your path.


Heal From Past Relationship Pain

I was married to a Narcissist. We had been together for 20 years when he walked away. I was lucky that he left because he freed me. I can say that now.

I have shared these stories of healing and reconnecting to myself afterwards in my first book

Conversations With Me

We Empaths have a tendency to want to help others, but our help is not always wanted.

My ex-husband and I have three children together, so we have to stay in contact.

When I came out of that marriage, I had no idea who I was anymore. I had given myself up completely, trying to please him.

Luckily, I was able to start a beautiful journey of reconnecting with who I truly am.

Only during this journey did I realise that my relationship with my ex was not healthy and that he emotionally abused me by talking down to me all the time.

I later had a relationship with a sociopath in which I sometimes wondered if I was going crazy. That time around, though, I was ready to release the relationship, despite the pain.

More healing work had to be done, till I could feel good about myself and good about seeing my ex-partner again.

I share my stories on how I connecting to the love within in my second book:

Loving Conversations With Me

I was very angry for a long time. I felt used and manipulated.

Nowadays, when I get an email from my ex-husband I am ok. I don’t freeze in fear any longer.

If I see my ex-partner on the street, I could just say hi without the anger coming up.

Now, I am done with unhealthy relationships

I am ready to meet a soulful partner at an equal level.

After I have come a long way, I love to assist others who have had unhealthy or painful relationships in the past.

I assist you clearing out past relationship pain so you can feel whole again too, and so that you are ready to meet Mr. Right.

I have written many blog posts on Relationship Healing you will find them on my blog post page. Search for Relationship.


self Love


Opening Up To Self-Love

Self-Love has been one of my big issues. I came out of my marriage not knowing who I was.

When my other relationship broke down, I felt deeply unloved. I realized I only ever felt loved when I was with someone.

So a deep healing journey started.

Accepting myself

Setting up healthy boundaries

Voicing my issues

Saying No

and stepping up for myself.


Nowadays, I am a recovering Door Mat. I am more assertive and I feel so much better – less tired and less afraid of life.

I have found my way back to myself, and I would love to help you do the same.


You can find many a blog post on Self-Love in my Blogs, search for Self Love


Heart Flow Healing


Heart Flow Healing

I learnt that I feel best when I am in the flow of love. I love it when my heart is wide open and I am sharing with the world. Yes, it might sound scary, as we are so often used to hiding or shielding ourselves, however, we also block ourselves by keeping our hearts blocked.

As an Intuitive Empath, I can sense into your Energy System. I feel the blocks that are there and I can gently help you release those past pain and hurts. I am able to make connections to incidents that happened in your life or even if something in a past life is still influencing you now. Together, we can integrate the experience while releasing the pain.

I am happy to check on your wings and unfold them, so you feel ready to move on.

Learn more about Heart Flow Healing on my website

Heart Flow Healing




You can find many gifts on my website:

Love Letter, Meditation, Indigo Child E-Book, Self love and more.

It is my honour and I love to share from my heart to yours.

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Sharing Is Caring

I’d love to invite you to share my website, home page or one of my gifts with your loved ones who might benefit.


Special Offers

You will easily find my special Offers on my new website under Work With Me. They are also listed on the Home Starting Page.


6 month healing experience for magical change

Online Program

I have created a fabulous, deeply healing and transformational 6 Months 1 on 1 Healing Program,

In-Depth Healing Experience to help you find peace and love on a deep level

In this fabulous program, you will receive:

  • 5 one on one Heart Flow Healing Sessions
  • Support throughout our time together
  • Weekly Distant Healing and clearing
  • Extra Bonuses


Find out more here:

In-depth Healing Experience for Beautiful Change

So Why Heart Flow Healing?

Simply because this is who I am.

I am so happy and excited and I feel I am sharing myself more and more authentically

I love you.


Warm hugs,



I’m always happy to hear from you.

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