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We all go through life changes, embracing the lesson and taking one step at a time is what helped me after my marriage broke apart.

Nowadays in hindsight I can say that, what I saw as the worst experience in my life, has turned out to be one of the best !

Without it I would never had the wonderful experience of reconnecting with myself again.

May you find the blessing in each lesson too. I aim to inspire you by sharing my stories and tools with you in this book.

This book chronicles my journey from being a people-pleasing wife who wasn’t in touch with who she was to a strong, independent woman. My children were the primary reason I learned to stand up for myself. Without them, I might not have found the strength to push through the harder times. This story is told from my perspective and many of the stories included were passed to me by my children. I hope that this book inspires you to make positive change in your life!


“Caroline is one of the most loving and gentle souls I know. Her energy is filled with love and she sees everyone with so much compassion and offers her wisdom so generously. I love how she shares her stories and challenges with such an open heart and by doing so she helps others to feel safe enough to open up their hearts too. I highly recommend working with Caroline and know she will always show up fully and shower her soul sisters with unconditional love.”

Karina Ladet

intuitive, healer, writer & passionate heart-centered entrepreneur, karinaladet.com


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I was struggling for years with trying to find a way to move past the hurt and anger of the horrible things my ex-husband did to me. I tried everything but nothing worked until I was blessed to find Caroline. She led me through a series of guided meditations that enabled me to finally find true forgiveness. My life has moved into positive changes since. Caroline has a true gift.

Angela Brittain

Author & Life Coach, angelabrittainllc.com

Caroline epitomises everything around love and being loved. You know you’re in a good space when you’re around her and her healings. She is a wondrous visionary woman.

Sashka Hanna Rapl

Brand Master & Business Strategist, BrandSashka.com

Caroline is an amazing healer who is open to her own healing path and this expands into what she is able to pass on to others. Caroline has deep knowledge, empathy, compassion and a rich spiritual connection which transcends this lifetime. I am honoured to have travelled with her in this life and in others. Love to you, dear lady.

Alison Smith

Astrologer, alisontheastrologer.com

“Caroline really knows how to speak to the heart of a person. She is not afraid to lay it all on the table and speak from both the pain and joy of the human experience. Her work is both touching and profound”

Sean Patrick

Director and founder of That Guy’s House , thatguyshouse.com

“Caroline is a truly beautiful soul, who inspires the world with her strong, yet gentle energy. She is a healer who has drawn on her own life experiences and now powerfully shares them with others, guiding each person back to a place where they can live in joy. Healing and reconnecting with your heart is a key step to freedom and happiness.”

Janet Groom

Writer/Author & Book Coach, Janet Groom

“Caroline Palmy stands for love and in love as an authentic soul fully expanding into her path. Her courage to speak up and be a light and leader for others to do the same is inspiring. Caroline’s intuitive abilities are infused with the love, alignment and honoring she feels to Source. This book is the book of a spiritual leader ♥ “

Karin Monster-Peters

Energy Healer & Life Purpose Coach, thevibrantsensitive.com

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