Little Angel Lost

Have you ever lost something?

What can you do when you lose something?

The other day when I was in town, I suddenly realised that I had lost my little angel figurine from my key chain.

I was sad. I loved that little Angel. It was so beautiful – carved out of amber and I felt it guided me along. It also held a special meaning for me, as I got it from a dear friend.

After I lost the little angel, however, I immediately realised that someone was meant to find an Angel that day. I knew I lost that Angel so someone else would be able to find some guidance and uplift their spirit by finding my little lost Angel. Someone needed the reassurance from the Angels more than I did.

I was happy to be of service, and I gladly said goodbye to my little Angel. It had served me so well and now it would serve someone else well for a while.

Some things are only meant for a certain time – I know that. The only constant in life is change, and we have to be flexible and adaptable enough.

Holding on to things that no longer serve us will only hurt us.

Losing that Angel brought that all home. I could have sat there for hours, contemplating, “Oh where did I lose it? Why didn’t I check it better?” I could have walked back all the way I came; I could have done a million things, but they probably would not have brought this Angel back to me.

The knowledge that my time with this Angel had come to an end, and that this beautiful Angel was going to serve someone else was very comforting.

When we walk the path trusting that everything has a higher reason, we can be happier. We are free of self-blame and worry. We just know that the things that happen are meant to be – there is a higher reason for it, and all is well.

Have you ever lost something? How do you still feel about it?

If you find yourself being sad or mad about something you’ve misplaced, you can ask Archangel Michael to help you release pain and sorrow, then you can ask Archangel Raphael to send green healing light to you so you can heal from your loss. I also usually have Mother Mary help me release the pain from my heart.

I explain the little exercises in this video, enjoy


The work with Mother Mary can be followed by asking the Angels to pour beautiful pink soothing light all around me.

You can sit quietly and let the Angel show you what a gift you have brought to the world. Know deep down in your heart that all is well, and this needed to happen for a reason unknown to you.

How do you feel now?

Of course, this method can also be applied to grief when a loved one has passed into the light. If you feel the grief still, know that your loved one is well, and his/her time was up. There was nothing more that you could have done, and nothing would have changed the outcome.

When you are grieving, ask Archangel Azrael to help you with your grief, and to help elevate the pain. Archangel Azrael can also help you to connect with your loved one’s soul. Maybe you can sense him/her around for a while.

Always thank the Angels for their help, and remember, that a grateful heart is always full.

I wish you all a wonderful day…

You can find my Angel Offers here

May peace and trust be with you,

and remember to talk to your Angels.

You can learn how to connect to your Angels, with my Healing Webinar:

Connect To Your Angels Webinar

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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