how to let go with love

How to let go with love


How do you let go? Do you push it all down, tell yourself you are done with it, don’t want to hear about it anymore.

How do you avoid letting go with love?


Pushing it away is not letting go nor is it healing

I have seen many ways of people avoiding to deal with healing.

  • I am done
  • This is old stuff
  • We don’t need to go there anymore
  • It is over
  • I wrote it I burned it I am done
  • I am over this

And so many more words that all point to avoiding it. When we do things with anger or push it away, we are not releasing it, we are just pushing it further away.


When moving or releasing your X-mas tree

I know, I’ve been there, 4 years ago, when we moved, I could not wait to move into the new, and it was such a burden to empty our former home, and get rid of all the stuff, I was so tired, and so done with it, I just wanted it to be over.

Then I remembered, to give thanks to the old home, to the place we spent 8 years of our lives in, where my kids grew into gorgeous young adults and teens, where we spent our time together, thanks to the first home I chose on my very own.

So I went through the empty house, and gave thanks, I went into every room, thought about the many beautiful moments we had, and lovingly let go.

This makes such a difference energy wise, when we lovingly let go, we make space for the new, and the old is not holding us back anymore.

This way I could truly enjoy the new place, with no old baggage, or suppressed feelings of the old home.

This year I remembered this with our X-mas tree. Traditionally in Switzerland we keep the tree till January 6th, though to be honest, I am sort of done with it, well before that day.

Instead of just finally get rid of it, in a low kind of energy, I gave thanks to our beautiful tree, bringing cheers and light throughout Christmas. I lovingly let go.

These are just two examples of how we can lovingly let go, and how this can free our energy and space.


You have only dealt with it, when you can freely talk about it

I was recently interviewed and the host asked me, what topics shall we avoid? I looked at her and told her, we can talk about anything and everything, I am totally ok with it all. She smiled and she said ‘it seems you have dealt with it all’. In that moment I truly felt oh yes, I have come to a point where I can talk about my childhood and all my life including my divorce and all the things I regretted or were painful.  (Watch the interview here)

It didn’t come over night, and yes I tried to avoid it all too, I used to push it away, only to realize it is coming back with a vengeance.

I tried to keep it locked away and hidden only for it to bubble up again.

I told people, I am done with it, in an angry way only showing, that I am far from having dealt with it.

It takes time, and it takes a gentle loving approach.

I learned that when we can be grateful for the experience, when we can embrace all of our life, when we can live with an open heart, even after true heart ache, we are living our truth.


Helpful tools

Writing about it helps, write it all out, venting, write it in all kind of words, no spelling or punctuation needed, just write it all out, and keep writing till you are empty. You might even find some wisdom

Looking back, see how far you have come and what you learned from that situation, and embrace the person you have become. (You wouldn’t be where you are without this experience)

Gratitude, write down 5 things you are grateful for and feel it in your heart and body.

Energy Healing is always helpful, when we gently release the pain and hurt and embrace ourselves just the way we are. My Heart Flow Healing is especially helpful, as I work in a loving, gentle, compassionate, and accepting way, learn more here


I hope you have lovingly let go of the last year, and have embraced the new (read more in my previous blog post)

Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

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