Embracing the New

Embracing The New Year

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions?
Do you make a Vision board?
Do you set intentions?
Do you allow yourself to dream?

How do YOU embrace the new year? Apart from clinging the glass of bubbly?

We often resist change, and embracing the new year with open arms can be daunting. Yes, a new chapter in our life awaits us, we have no idea how this coming year will unfold for us. Maybe we expect more of the same, just another year….

Or, we might be happy the last year is over (more on how to let go of the old with love in my next blog post), and we have hope, the coming year will be better, though we might also fear the new.


What if you could embrace the New Year with an open heart, ready for new things coming your way.

See it through adventurous eyes, and eager to leap into the new.

First of all, allow yourself to dream, we are often so caught up in our everyday life, feeling like on a hamster wheel and just wanting to get over with this day, week, month and eventually year, we completely miss out on life.

Stop, step off, breathe and allow yourself to dream

  • How would your dream day look like
  • What would you do if anything and everything was possible
  • What if you could do more of the things that bring you joy

Dive into this, dream about it, write it all out, and read it out aloud to yourself each day. You are so worthy.


Make space for yourself

Another important aspect is, to look after yourself, to make space for yourself doing the things you love. So, schedule daily time for

  • Recharge
  • Breathe
  • Fun things

Remember we all need time to recharge, and often just taking a minute to focus on our breath is so helpful, we come back to ourselves and our inner peace, and of course allow time for fun things too. It doesn’t have to be one big thing; it can be little things that bring joy and open our heart.


On a personal note

I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions years ago, too rigid, too strict, too controlling and often setting myself up for failure in the first place

I sometimes do a Vision board; I love to be creative. Get a magazine browse through it, cut out words or pictures that speak to you and glue them on paper. Look at it regularly.

I love intentions, they are better than goals or resolutions, they are more fluid and a gentler way with much more flow.

Dreams are important, keep them alive and allow yourself to dream always.


Lovingly embrace the New

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Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

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