Heart Healing

Heart Healing


Why is Heart Healing necessary?

We encounter so many experiences during our lives that can block our hearts. Maybe after a heart break you told yourself, I never ever want to feel so heartbroken again. And just like that you put an armor around your heart, in order to not feel the pain, however you are blocking yourself from feeling good, from the joy and love that also resides in your heart.

Grief, Hurt and pain can block our hearts, and block our flow. We might feel a lingering sadness, a lack of joy or also unlovable.

The days might feel grey, or like you are on a hamster wheel, day in day out.

What would you give to feel joyful?

What would it mean for you to feel loved, truly loved, for yourself?

As the heart is in the middle of our bodies and the chakra system, it blocks the connection from earth and the Universe, we might feel uninspired, lost and have no purpose.

Healing our hearts, clearing the pain and hurt helps us to feel connected, joyful and open again.

We can get back into the flow and ease of life. Heart healing is essential.


How does Heart Healing work?

While you sit or lie down comfortably, I will guide you through some relaxation, and into a meditative state. I guide you through the healing process, with Mother Mary, we breathe out our pain into her loving hands, and you will just be breathing, maybe tears are flowing down, which is ok, however you won’t feel the pain and hurt anymore, like you did when it happened. It is a very gentle process of releasing, while you just breathe.

Mother Mary is very loving and gentle, she will also mend your heart and wrap your heart in gorgeous pink light.

Often passed loved ones come and join us and share a message with us.

It is always so liberating and beautiful to witness this healing.

I work intuitively, so no two sessions are the same, whatever comes up for you will be divinely guided, and often new practices are shown to me, that are useful in this healing.

I love how easy and beautiful this heart healing is, and in awe with it.


Privacy is very important to me

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I can sense things and share guidance, those messages are just for you, and won’t be shared anywhere else.

So whatever you share with me, whatever comes up during the healing sessions stays between YOU and ME !


What else can help with Heart Healing

Rose is very heart healing, be it in a flower, or a picture of a flower, or rose essence or a rose scented perfume, as well as of course a rose quartz.

I used to carry a rose quartz in my pocket at all times, just to be more loving towards myself and help me heal my heart.

You can also ask Mother Mary for help.

Connect to your heart and imagine it opening like a flower.

Heart Healing can be easy, if you allow it.


You love to feel into it yourself

If you love a taste of Heart Healing, you can download my Webinar from the healing shop, in which I share some practices and dive into the healing meditation with Mother Mary. Enjoy:

Heal Your Heart Webinar


How often is Heart Healing necessary?

Whenever you feel blocked again, it is a good idea, to heal your heart, by breathing into it, or letting Mother Mary assist you.

When you do it with me, a big part will have healed, and unless something major happens, you can go on with just regular energy clearing and open your heart practices.


Heart Healing is part of my 12 weeks Self Love Journey

This is the second part, and a wonderful and gentle way to dive into the healing and releasing process.

In week 3 we will do Relationship Clearing, and I will be writing more about it in my next blog post.

Last time I wrote about Assessment and Energy Clearing.

Meanwhile, please check out my gorgeous 12 weeks program here:

Caroline’s Self Love Journey


Sending you so much love

Signature Caroline Palmy


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