Assessment and Energy Clearing

Assessment and Energy Healing / Clearing


Why is an Assessment necessary?

We all carry pain and hurt with us. We all think we know where it came from, and sometimes it is not that simple.

During my years as an Intuitive Energy Healer I learned, that what is truly troubling, is well hidden in our subconscious. We can all burry true pain and hurt very deeply, not to ever have to touch or feel it again.

Having an assessment, can bring up those unconscious issues (without you having to go through the pain again), and bring more clarity what is really going on deep within.


How does this assessment work?

My assessment comes in the form or a beautiful workbook in pdf format, you can open it in word and fill it out in there, safe it and send it back to me.

I named it ‘What is holding you back?’

You can also print it out and write it out by hand if you prefer, take photos or scan each page and send it back to me.

It is just a couple of questions, you can answer, something to ponder, and maybe find a bit of truth in it.

I ask you to take your time, put on some lovely music, get into a quiet space and state and then fill it out. Keep it open, and go over it a day later.

Often those questions keep giving us answers long after we have filled the questionnaire out; please give yourself the time it needs.

It is sure not something to just quickly do and be done with. I know a bit or two about avoidance myself.


Privacy is very important to me

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I can sense things and share guidance, and trust is very important, it goes both ways. The more you can trust me the more you can open up and the more you can relax the better we can release and heal.

So whatever you share with me, stays between YOU and ME !


Why is Energy healing / clearing so important?

We all have felt stuck, exhausted or drained in our lives. Energy Clearing helps us to find our way back into our flow, feel fresh and more alive again.

Like dust collects in our home or dirt on our car, our energy system clocks with stuck energy too, so it is good to have a healthy clearing routine for our energy system too. Like we shower daily or brush our teeth, clearing our Energy System is not that hard and doesn’t take a lot of time either.

Clearing cobwebs or even cords from our system is essential to feeling good, alive and thriving.


How does Energy Clearing work?

It is very simply, you just take a couple of deep breaths, and come into a more relaxed state, then you ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords, and you imagine him cutting with his mighty swords all around you.

You take a deep breath, and imagine walking through a water fall to clear and wash away all stuck energy.

Plus, you hand back whatever does NOT belong to you, and you call back all of YOUR energy.

So, you feel whole again.

I have created a gorgeous Healthy Bedtime Routine, where we clear our energy (and you can do this any time during the day, not just before you go to bed), you can download it as a gift from my heart to yours, by entering the Discount Code: wellbeing at checkout

Check it out here:

Healthy Bedtime Routine


How often do we apply Energy Clearing?

It is best done daily, at least once. Sometimes even 2 to 3 times a day.

Rule of thumb is, whenever you feel exhausted, lack of energy or are a bit irritated, then it is a good idea to clear your energy.

It is also good to do it before you go to bed, so you can sleep well, as sleep is so essential especially during a healing journey, healing takes energy, and we need to be well rested.

Don’t stress yourself, you will learn to go with the flow, and learn more about yourself, we are all human, and we forget, and then we remember to come back to it, as we just know how good it makes us feel.


Assessment and Energy Healing/Clearing is part of my 12 weeks Self Love Journey


This is the important and essential first part, and something to get us into a good start to the 12 weeks program. Learning to keep our energy clear throughout, and knowing we got the insights we need from the assessment.

In week 2 we will Heal our Hearts with Mother Mary, and I will be writing more about it in my next blog post.

Meanwhile, please check out my gorgeous 12 weeks program here

Caroline’s Self Love Journey


Sending you so much love

Signature Caroline Palmy


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