Clear and cleanse your energy system regularly

Clearing and Cleansing

It is important to clear our energy system regularly. Like taking a shower, brushing our teeth or taking the car to the carwash. Clearing and Cleansing is helpful when we integrate it into our daily routine.

Clearing and cleansing helps us to be more ourselves, to feel calm, find inner peace, and let go on what no longer serves us.

So often we carry around burdens, worries and a heavy backpack of things, that do not truly need to be carried by ourselves.

Not only our energy system, our body and mind profit from clearing, also our home feels better and safer, when we regularly cleanse it.


Some tools we can use for clearing and cleansing

Sole Baths

Have a swim in the Sea, fill your tub with Epsom salt, find a sole pool near you.

Cutting Cords

Ask Archangel Michael to cut your cords, remember cords of love can never be severed.


Use crystals to help you cleanse, my favorite is Rose quartz, helps with self love and self compassion.

Walking through a waterfall

Imagine like you are walking through a deeply cleansing water fall and coming out the other side sparkly and refreshed


Connect to mother earth, grow roots, soak up deeply loving, compassionate red energy into your whole body

Universal light

Connect to the Universe and allow white light to fill your crown, soothe your brain and fill your whole body with fresh loving supportive energy.

Sending back what does not belong to us

Breathe in deeply and on your out-breath send back anything and everything that is not yours.

Retrieving our parts we left behind

Breathe out and on your in-breath call back all the parts of you you left behind somewhere. You might feel like missing puzzle pieces are finally back.

We share about those and other techniques in our heart and soul talk, check it out further down.


Blog post on releasing lower energies

A couple of years ago, I wrote about releasing lower energies in my blog post, I share many more insights there as well.

Enjoy the read


Healthy Bedtime Routine

In my healthy bedtime routine, we clear and cleanse our energy system, so we are ready to go to sleep and have a restorative night.

This self love module comes with a

  • Video, explaining the techniques
  • PDF, listing each step
  • Audio, so you can listen to the lovely cleansing meditation

Pro tip, you can use my healthy bedtime routine throughout the day, not only at bedtime.


Get your healthy bedtime routine here


Heart & Soul

Learn more about Clearing and Cleansing in our latest episode of Heart and Soul. Janet Groom and I are sharing many wonderful modalities.


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Warmest of hugs

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