Caroline Palmy


Hi, my name is Caroline Palmy. I am an Author, Speaker and Heart Flow Healer.

Here is my story, telling how I became who I am today.


Early Years

I was born in Basel in northwestern Switzerland, a town on the border to Germany and France. My father’s family came from the mountain region of Grison in southeast Switzerland. We spent many a vacation in our old farmhouse near Davos. It’s probably there that I developed a love for the mountains, nature and meadows.

Growing up, I realized pretty early that I was not a language buff. Learning French, English and Italian was a bit too much for me, so I opted to start at a mathematical and science oriented high school.

Following through with this, I studied Physics and Math, even though I had always wanted to become a doctor. Latin and memorizing were not my strengths, though.

I always had a very analytical mind, so I learned analytical programming and worked in a bank, and then later as a business manager before I had children.


Being A Mom

I always wanted to be a mom, and I chose to be a full-time, stay-at-home mother so I could be there for my children and enjoy motherhood to the fullest. My children were born in 1997, 2000 and 2003. They are young adults now – my youngest is still in his teens.


Reconnecting With Myself

When my marriage fell apart and we separated early in 2009, I was shaken to the core. I woke up one day in my living room, and I had no idea who I was anymore. I realized I had bent over backwards trying to make my marriage work. During those years, I had given myself up completely trying to make my husband happy, which proved to be an impossible task for me.

So the beautiful journey to reconnect with myself began. I was turning 40 that year; I had been with my ex for 20 years, so half of my life. Now it was time to go back to my teenage years—the years before I met this man—and reconnect with Caroline, the Caroline I used to be before I gave myself up in to fit the role of being the perfect wife.

Reconnecting with myself and learning to stand up for my three children and myself while going through a nasty divorce all at the same time was no small feat.

In 2018, I published my first book,

Conversations With Me,

where I shared all those stories with the aim to inspire other women and mothers.

My first book won an award, and I was thrilled and honoured.


Finding Love

After my separation, I met a man and fell in love. I felt that true love had finally found me. I was over the moon, and yes, I was blind again.

After my failed marriage, I was so eager to have my new love as my surrogate husband and also father to my kids. He was so good with my kids—the father I always wished for my children, one that played soccer with them, one who gave the kids attention, and one who was there and present.

When my new relationship broke up two years later, I had to deal with a double whammy of emotion. I felt so lonely, so deeply unloved. I had to heal not only from this relationship but also from the break up of my marriage, which I hadn’t really dealt with before.

I cried for five days, hiding under my duvet and letting it all go. Eventually, I felt better and crawled back out again.

During that time, I realized that I was so needy for love from a partner; I only felt loved when I was in a relationship. I finally understood that no man could fulfill my need for love. I knew it was time to connect to my love within. I realized that if I couldn’t love myself, no one else could truly love me.

A nurturing journey to love began. I learnt to accept and love myself, and my level of self-worth rose as a result. These days, I am proud to be Caroline.

My second book, published May 6th 2019,

Loving Conversations With Me,

tells the story of my journey to self-love, and was an international bestseller before it was even out.

New Purpose

Also, during those times, I was looking for my purpose. My children were getting older, and I felt it was time to do something with my life.

I took some coaching sessions, did yoga, meditated and read many spiritual books. I also started to go to Angel classes, learning to work more with angelic energy.

It took a bump on my head for me to finally start taking courses and building my own spiritually based business. In January 2013, I had a bad skating accident that ended with a serious concussion and whiplash. The painkillers doctors prescribed only made me nauseous, so I asked around on Facebook about holistic treatments for concussion and whiplash. People mentioned EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Pranic Healing.

I had not heard of either of those before, so I Googled them and found a Pranic Healing practitioner close by and went for a treatment. I was amazed by the results and I loved it. The same practitioner also offered a basic course two months later, so I opted in and started to learn all about Pranic Healing.

This was the first time I had done something for myself in a very long time. I asked my Mom to look after the children so I could take the courses, and it felt good, to learn and do something just for me. It was the same with EFT. I started to study all about EFT and took many extra courses. I was thrilled and amazed how healing those modalities could be, and I loved using them to help others heal.


Being An Empath

During one of those Pranic Healing Courses, I all of a sudden had a terrible bellyache, like period cramps, though I knew it wasn’t time for my monthly. I could not tell why my stomach hurt or what caused my cramping, but it felt awful. Later that day, another participant had to leave class because she felt so sick from her period pain.

This experience was one of the big a-ha Moments in my life. I looked at her and looked down on my belly, and I realized that I was somehow feeling her pain. This realization that I was feeling her cramps was amazing and so liberating. I thought about how often I had entered a room, only to become overwhelmed with the energy in it. How often had I all of a sudden felt anger or sadness out of the clear blue?

I learned that I am an Empath. Reading up on Empaths and studying what it means cleared up so much for me.

I wrote a blog post:

What Does It Feel Like To Be An Empath?

So I started my business as an Energy Healer, offering EFT and Pranic Healing, both scientifically proven modalities. I needed to be on the safe side.


Too Sensitive

All of my life, I was told I was too sensitive and that I needed to toughen up. I never managed to toughen up, and now I can see my sensitivity as one of my greatest gifts. My sensitivity helps me to feel into my clients—to truly feel their pain. It took me a while to learn to differentiate between what feelings came from me and what came to me from others. Now that I can manage it, it is an amazing gift.

So if you are sensitive, embrace this gift, learn about cord cutting, clearing your energy and learn to shield. Then you will be able to stay true to yourself without being so affected by all the energy around you.


Being An Introvert

I also learned about Introverts. Again, I always felt something was wrong with me, like I had some flaw in character. My sisters and mom are extroverts and always around people, but that is too exhausting for me. I’d rather spend my time in solitude in nature, so I have always been the odd one out.

Again I realized nothing is wrong with me; it is just who I am. The more I learned about myself and learned to accept myself, the happier I got, and the more I was able to embrace myself and my gifts. Though it became clear, that following the strict healing protocols was not for me, my intuition offered me so much more, deep insights into each client and other options.

I wrote a blog post about being an introvert:

How Does It Feel To Be An Introvert?


Angelic Healing

When I learned about Angelic Healing I was in awe. Yes, this is it, I thought. This is what I have been doing. I loved to let my intuition guide me through each healing session, and I loved connecting to the love of the angels. That’s what I was doing, and so I changed my website and offered Angelic Healing from then on.

I took many angel courses, including courses about Mediumship and Angelic Life Coaching, and much more. I loved it all, and I was like a sponge soaking it all in.


Being an Earth Angel

I also learned about Earth Angels and how they had a deep longing to go home because they miss being surrounded by all of that eternal love. Yes, that is me, too, and now that I know this is normal, I am happy with it, and I make a point to connect to the Universal Love daily.

About three years ago, I realized I was still hiding. This time, I was hiding behind the angels. It was time to come out and be myself.


Heart Flow Healing

I pondered and felt into myself and realized that I am doing Heart Flow Healing. My motto was always, ‘Be in the flow of love’, and I knew I was healing hearts, clearing pain and hurt so my clients could feel love again and be in the flow of love.

So Heart Flow Healing is what I call the work I do, though I feel like I am outgrowing this again. I am not only a healer, but I am also an author and speaker. That makes my true title: Caroline Palmy, the Author, Speaker and Healer. Again I am stepping more into myself by claiming all that I do.


Caroline Palmy

We evolve constantly, and the only constant in our life is change. Embrace your flow, go with the ebb and flow and be true to yourself during every step of your journey. Allow it to go where it will, and honour the changes that come about in your work, energy, and personality. Don’t forget to honour the core of who you are, who you’ve always been, too.

I love to heal hearts, share about, of and from the heart through my work as an author, speaker, teacher and healer.


I am sending you so much love.

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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