Heart Open

Why do we ever close our hearts down in the first place?


Each one of us is born with an open heart, full of love; however, along the way, we might feel like we have to adapt, like we need to fit in. We experience grief, pain and hurt, and yes, we shut down our hearts, as we don’t seem to want to process the pain we feel in our lives. That is very much OK, and often the only way we know of coping with those moments of hurt. It is a normal survival technique.

I remember when as a child I was very loving, trusting, and happy. Then, over time, the need to fit in overtook my innocence. I felt I had to adjust whom I was to fit in. Yes, I was sad and hurt like many of us are too.

I know I closed my heart in order not to feel the pain and hurt that I experienced as a child and teen; it is a natural reaction.


The problem occurs only later when we keep our hearts closed.


There was so much I was missing out on, walking around with a closed heart, not even aware I was not living my life to the fullest.

Every day seemed grey and dull and more of the same.


So many years later, when I felt an inkling, a gentle opening of my heart and I could feel the eternal love available to me, I felt bliss and wanted to remain in this space.

When my heart was opening gently, and I had that very first insight of pure love, joy, and fun. I was in awe. This was what I had been looking for all my life it seems: Pure love, the flow of love. It felt like an eternal hug.

I felt like I could finally smile from my heart again—truly smile for the first time in what felt like an eternity.

Feeling joy for the first time in so long was just gorgeous to me.


When my heart opened a tiny bit, and I could feel the light and love and joy, I was so inspired, and I knew I wanted to keep feeling this greatness. I wanted to live feeling that amazing love, that fabulous joy and that deep gratitude for myself and my life. That was it.

I am not always in that bliss state, though, and this is OK too.


Yes, staying in my heart space is a journey. Learning to realize when I am out of it and gently nudging myself back into my heart is my aim. It is self-love to maintain a loving practice devoted to the memory of the love we are all born from.

So yes, tapping into this love, this open heart has changed my life. Just the first tiny glimpse was enough to make me feel alive again and connected to my own truth, so then I started to share this love and help others to tap into their own loving place, too.


Opening my heart, if only for a split second has brought me:

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Joy
  • And a love for myself and my life

I never even knew existed.


It was the starting point of my life

Love is and was.


I was recently in Bali at a writer’s retreat. It was amazing how the energy of Bali helped me keep my heart open. It was easy; I felt the love flowing from this gorgeous place. I felt home for the first time ever, and my heart was always wide open while I was there. It was the most amazing feeling, and it was so easy.

When I got home, I realized my heart was not automatically open like it was in Bali, and that I needed to practice connecting to my heart again. I wanted to be back in that flow of love, that heart flow again, having experienced it so gorgeously in Bali.


Open Your Heart


So what helps me, and how might you be able to open your heart?

Touching my heart area

By touching my heart area, I focus my thoughts and energy on my heart, rather than the world around me. I go inwards and connect to my heart.


Breathing slowly

Focusing on the breath and breathing slowly and steadily, maybe even holding my breath a bit before I inhale and exhale helps. Sometimes, I even make sure I breathe out longer than in. Breathe in for a count of six and breathe out for a count of eight.


Feeling the love

Connecting to the feeling of love, like when I hug my children or from a memory of my childhood when I felt truly loved.



Feeling grateful for so many things and connecting to the gratitude within me always opens my heart.


Allowing what is

I learnt to accept the days when I don’t feel my heart wide open and to understand that is OK too. The ease I felt when I was in Bali was a wonderful experience, and I accept that here in Switzerland it might feel different, and that is OK, too. Go with the flow, and remember when we so want our hearts to be open that we try to force the feeling, we are going against the flow. We might be blocking ourselves. Love what is, enjoy the moments you feel your heart open, and know that you won’t feel it on some days, too. Remember, Ebb and Flow.


How does it feel, when the heart is open

For me, it feels like there is this warmth around my heart.

Like I could breathe in and out of my heart area.

This flooding is like a tingling flow,

It is gorgeous and so calming and loving and very peaceful.


I know we all might experience the feeling of being in the flow of an open heart differently, and as I learnt, we experience it differently in different locations, as it coincides with the energy of the places we are in. It probably has something to do with the altitude, air quality, and subtle energies of a location—things that we pick up on, but are not fully aware of that affect our feelings.


And remember, even if you can’t feel it strongly, your heart might be open.

All is well.


I am always happy to assist you

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Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy



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