what snow is sharing with us

Do you love snow?

We just had a couple of gorgeously white days here, in Switzerland. Everything was covered in a deep snow.

I love a winter fairyland, and snow can teach us so much. I’d love to share just a couple of lessons that snow brought home for me.

Whether you prefer the cold of winter or if you prefer balmier temperatures, you can likely benefit from some of the advice the snow gives.



I love to wake up to fresh snow; it has such a calming effect. I love to sit inside with a hot cup of tea and just observe the outside world. Everything is so calm and the birds chirp happily while eating at our bird feeder.

The outside calm always brings an inside calm, too.




I love when everything is covered in snow – it is so peaceful. Everyone seems peaceful and the earth is at peace with itself. Snow brings such gentleness with it that I always find heartwarming.

Peace outside brings peace within.



Everything is so lovely and quiet after a snow. I love how the snow muffles all sounds. Traffic is but a distant sound, and even people walking by are quieter.

I love the quiet world, and observing the quiet of the day when I awaken after a snowy night.

I love the quiet outside; it brings more stillness to my heart.



Rain cleanses the air, but the snow really brings cleanliness to everything. The air is deeply cleansed, and you can feel its purity when breathing. Also, just looking at fresh white snow and seeing everything covered in a pristine white blanket shows you the ‘virginity’ of nature.

The purity outside always brings a cleanliness of thoughts.



Everything is fresh outside right after it snows. The snow feels like a fresh start too. The air is fresh, the streets are fresh, and it feels like we can start all over again somehow.

Breathe in the freshness of it all and expand it to every cell of your body.



Nothing like crisp air – the fresh, clean air after the snow – so crisp and clear… so refreshing. It is amazing to fill up every cell with the renewing crispness snow has brought.

The crisp air feels so good.


Walk your own path

I love to walk in fresh snow. I love the ‘crunching’ sound my shoes make on the snow, and looking at untouched snow lying on the path before me. I remember that we are all meant to walk our own paths in life.

Leave your own footprints.


Play and fun, letting your inner child out

Snow is amazing; it can bring out a person’s inner child. I have so many fun childhood memories of sledding and snowball fights, of trying to catch the falling snowflakes with my open mouth. How about you?

When was the last time you made a snow Angel?

Or my new favorite game is to touch branches covered in snow, so the snow falls down. Let it snow!

Snow helps you to reconnect with your inner child. Time to let him or her out and implement some fun and play.


Be in the here and now

The impermanence of snow teaches me to be in the here and now. Breathing in the snow and just existing is lovely.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts don’t wait for another day.


Slow motion

Everything is much slower after a big snow. Traffic has to move slower, people walk slower, and we learn patience. I enjoy the slow motion it all brings.

We learn to take things slower and be more aware of the surroundings with snow.



I learnt to accept the fact that I might not be able to use my car, and to be content with just being at home.

We learn to accept what is and make the best out of it.


peace outside brings peace within



I love how nature is at rest in winter – how animals are hibernating, and the plants are all conserving their energy for the spring when it is time to grow again.

Winter and snow show us that we, too, need our resting periods and time to go within. We cannot always share and grow. We need rest, too. It is OK to hibernate and go within every now and then.

Allow yourself to take some time to rest each day.


What is your favorite time of year?

What is your favorite snow activity?

Make sure to enjoy winter while it lasts – and, yes, I am looking forward to spring, but I still love to play in the snow while it’s here.


Enjoy a fabulous week!

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy


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