what having a cold has taught me

Time for Rest and Self Care

I was down with a cold recently. Yes, I was annoyed, as I had no time for it. Deep down I knew, though, I needed that rest and my body had been urging me to rest. How else would I lie down and get some rest other than when I had no other options. So the Universe sent me this cold so I would finally allow myself to lie down and rest.

For days and weeks before the onset of my cold, I felt tired, and I felt like I needed a nap. Yes, my body sent clear signals, and yes I chose to ignore them. I am only human after all.


Business first

I was busy. I was excited. I had so much to do that there was no time for rest, no time for self-care. I’d created all the goodies for people out there, and I was having fun. I shared with love, but I forgot to look after myself in the process.

It’s ok; the cold is just a reminder to make self-care a priority again like I did right after my separation .

I put together a weekly meditation class; I put together a monthly webinar and a live workshop. It was all good and all exciting, but it was intense, and I did not give myself enough time to rest and recuperate. I was in doing and keep going mode.

I even created my E-book, ‘My Life With An Indigo Child,’ and was eager to share the good news.

I worked weekends and just before I caught the cold I woke up on Sunday at 6 am, and I went right to work, as I was thrilled and wanted to finish my project. I worked all day through, right into the evening. I hadn’t taken a break, nor had I taken a day off in a while.


Catching the Cold

Once my eBook was all done and set up, I caught the cold. Thankfully, it started on a Tuesday, after I had done my Weekly Reading on Monday. My blog post was already at my editor and I actually had time to lie down.

My three kids were at various stages of the cold too, so it did not come as a great surprise for me to have caught it – however inconvenient it seemed.

I felt so weak and so tired and absolutely exhausted from looking after my children, my business, and keeping a routine going, so I just took time to lie down and rest. I left everything as it was: no laundry pile could get me up, no food shopping was going to interrupt my rest, nor any cooking, as there were enough left-overs in the fridge for the kids. Everything was perfectly orchestrated.

Letting Go

It felt so good to just let go. I realised how much effort I put into holding it all together by pushing myself harder and harder, by keeping a strict routine, by going and going. I had extremely high expectations for myself.

Being down with a cold completely shattered my strict routine, though. I neglected my walks in nature, I neglected all healthy eating habits I had established recently. When I was sick I was just happy to have a bite to eat.

I was so weakened, too exhausted to check on my social media… Luckily, I had most of my posts scheduled. As for the rest, yes it was time to look after myself.

The world keeps turning

Everything was set up, everything was working smoothly even without me.

It felt awesome not to have to do certain things. I felt relieved to just be able to rest, without the constant self-pressure to accomplish certain things. It was sheer bliss to simply be and let go of the need to control.

What I realised during this time:

  • The world keeps turning, whether I lie down or do a lot.
  • The world did not fall apart if I didn’t cook dinner for a few days.
  • My kids are very self-sufficient when I just can’t function as Super Mom.
  • That life can be awesome when you take a rest.

Most of all I realised:

I am so in the flow when everything else falls away. I was eager to write, I was happy to write, the inspiration was overflowing. Finally, I was back in the flow of things, how amazing.


Being in the flow again

I sat at my desk, weak, but eagerly writing blog posts. I was so happy and in the flow, and the words just flew out of my fingers! It was amazing.

I realised that this is how life should be: all of the noise around you discarded, all of the distraction averted, all the musts set aside, and allowing yourself to just be – simply be, if only for a little while.

 live our life

Back up again

Of course, I need to cook and do the grocery shopping again. I am back to walking in nature, and I enjoy it. I have caught up with my laundry pile, and now a new one is collecting.

Nothing runs away. It will still be there when I have time for it.

Now I see things with fresh eyes and I have stopped pushing myself mercilessly.

I have re-learnt that there is the right time for everything. It does not all have to be RIGHT NOW!

Receiving the love

Most of all, I loved how people on social media reached out to me.

I did share that I was down with a cold, and wished everyone a happy and healthy day.

The outpouring of well wishes, the outpouring of love and care sent my way was so heart warming. It filled my heart with love, and for once, I was at the receiving end of it.

People commented about how inspiring I am, how they really love my messages, and that they hoped I felt better soon.

I finally saw that I do make a difference, even if I feel it’s a tiny one, and that people appreciate what I am sharing. There are always people around me who love to cheer me up when I need it, too.

We are all one

Being down with a cold has really shown me how much people around the world care for each other.

My personal growth during the cold

What I personally learnt from being down with this cold:

  • Tomorrow is another day
  • Getting rest is equally important to work, if not more so
  • It’s ok to let things lay low for a time being
  • Getting out of the hamster wheel opens you up to being in the inspiration flow again
  • It’s good to take some time out daily
  • Taking a nap to catch up on sleep is ok
  • Weekends are family time
  • Take at least ONE day off during the week from work

It is awesome to be a soul-preneur. I love sharing my love and inspiration, knowing I reach the right people. Sending a smile to someone is lovely. However, being your own boss and having your work at home can be challenging as it is always here right with me.

Learning to take a conscious break from it, learning not to be available constantly is my next step.

I love you all. You are all dear to my heart.

Let some of that love find you today, too.

Make sure you get enough rest and please listen to your body. When you have the urge to rest, please do it – your health is dependent on it.

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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