I’ve been here for many, many years.

I feel like I have seen it all.

I am the wisdom and the soul.

I love the seasons and the changes they all bring.


Spring, when I awake, my leaves are wiggling out of my branches.

Children come and run around me, bringing laughter and joy to my heart and soul.


Summer, when it is so sunny and hot and lovers come to sit in my shade.


Autumn, when it is time to release things while observing the animals picking fruits for winter and children rustling in the leaves on the ground. This is the time when it all feels ready to let go.


Winter, when all the sounds are muffled, and sometimes my trunk gets hit by a snowball.

It’s time for long sleep and rest.


And spring again, with children playing hide and seek.


Yes, I’ve seen it all and I am still here.


Come, come to me and breathe in my wisdom.

Lean your heavy soul on me

Let go and feel into me

I am here for you

Your wisdom tree



I wrote this piece during my writer’s retreat in Bali, ignited by a writing exercise led by my fellow author Janet Groom. She shared a couple of pictures and then had us write a little story. The picture of this gorgeous tree called to me, and out spilled this excellent short story. I was amazed how much I could write in only five minutes; it spilled out of me.

I love trees.


When was the last time you were out in nature?

When was the last time you hugged a tree?


I remember how good it felt when I could just lean on a tree, and soak up its wisdom while letting go of my burden.

Trees are amazing. They were here long before us and will very likely still be here when we pass on.

They have seen it all, and we can profit from their wisdom, their connectedness, and their steadiness.


Plan a walk in nature. When you’re walking, take a look around you—which tree is calling you? Rest your forehead on the tree or rest your back against its trunk. Feel the peace, feel the wisdom, and breathe it all in.


Now in autumn, I love to see how easy it is for the trees to let go. Their leaves are dancing down onto the ground.


How easy is it for you to let go?

Or perhaps a better question: What are you clinging onto so hard?


Letting go can be easy.

I observe it in every healing session.

When you feel at peace and feel the love, you too can let go. I help you with the process, and all you have to do is breathe.

After a session, you will feel so much lighter and refreshed.

Your Energy System will be cleansed, your Chakras will be open and balanced, and you will feel a new energy flowing through you.


Are you ready to let go of your burdens as easily as a tree lets go of its leaves?


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I am here for you, like the tree in my short story above.


And I, Caroline, am here for you, to assist you on your healing journey.


Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy


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