Sun helps is feel uplifted and recharged


There would be no life on earth without sunshine.

I always feel so much better, when the sun is shining. Somehow more energized and uplifted.

Have you ever observed a sunrise or sunset? Isn’t it amazing? I always feel it deeply in my heart.

I especially feel it in Spring, when the sun finally comes out again after a long and hard winter of many grey days.

I know we all need the rain, and in summer we treasure a bit of a cloudy day, when it is not that hot.


How the sun helps you clear your energy

  • Let your body be recharged by the sun.
  • Smile
  • Feel energized and happy dancing
  • Light up your whole energy system


Solar Plexus

The sun is connected to our Solar Plexus, the I am center.

I usually pull up my T’Shirt (allow my belly to be exposed to the sun) so the sun can burn away all fear and worries from my solar plexus (just below the sternum)


Naval Chakra

This is our center of batteries, let the sun recharge your inner batteries, feel the sun shining on your naval area.

And now imagine like your inner sunshine is growing from your naval all over your body till it is as big and tall as you

Shine bright gorgeous one.


Meditations and Webinars that can help you

Embrace the sun within Meditation


Chakra Clearing Webinar


Heart & Soul

Learn more about the Sun in our latest episode of Heart and Soul. Janet Groom and I are sharing about the sun and how it can help us and feel uplifted.


Watch on YouTube


Listen on Podcast


Warmest of hugs and sunshine in your heart


Signature Caroline Palmy

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