New Moon Intentions Setting


The New Moon is the start of a new cycle.

It starts the phase of growth. It symbolizes the Spring, the time for planting new things. During this phase we feel awakened, refreshed and ready to bloom.

First though it is important to release the old, shed old layers and cleanse our system. The time from coming from within and growing out.

I love the energies of the Moon, since I have started to tune in more into the energy and phases of the moon my life is flowing more easily.

Are you ready to bring in the flow and energy of the beautiful New Moon too?

The Moon is able to move water on earth, she is the reason we have high and low tide.

You know our body consists of around 60% water, no wonder we are affected by the Moon too.

As a child I sleep walked around the Full Moon, even nowadays I have vivid dreams and feel the energy of the Moon.

My next Online Gathering is falling on the New Moon.

A fabulous time to release everything we no longer need, and plant new seeds and tapping into our highest possibilities. Time to set new Intentions.

  • What serves us
  • Where shall we focus on
  • Where can we plant new ideas
  • What is going on right now
  • Which dream to follow up on or adjust to

These and many more questions will be answered during the guided Meditation. You will get a sense of where to move and grow.

I invite you to a fabulous Online Gathering

Where we will be tapping into the Energy of the Beautiful New Moon

Setting New Intentions, getting a sense of what new things to embrace.

While letting go of what no longer serves us.

We will grow out of the soil, like a beautiful tulip.

As always we will dive into a deeply healing meditation, after some introductions and insights on the New Moon.

Join me on Thursday October 19th

2pm CEST, 1pm London, 8am New York, 11pm Sydney

Replay is available

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Looking forward to being with you

Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

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