10 years ago, I woke up in my living room, and I had no idea who I was anymore.

This was the beginning of a beautiful journey of reconnecting with myself.

Going back to my Teenage years, and also connecting the dots from back there to now and here.

We all loose parts of ourselves.

Sometimes we want to hide parts of us, we feel ashamed or not good enough, so we focus so much more on the good parts, and hope the deemed less parts will vanish.

We might have been hurt and swear to ourselves that we will never ever let anyone hurt us, and hide that part of us.

We feel we have to fit in, so we adapt, to be part of our group, our community our society. Hiding and neglecting parts of ourselves, to be able to fit in and be accepted.

It comes very natural to hide and forget parts of ourselves, though it is not healthy.

We might seem like an apple, one side rosy and fresh and the other rotten, in hope no one ever sees the rotten part. We don’t even realise that those parts are far from rotten, they are part of ourselves too. They are rosy and fresh and lovable.

Are you ready to re-find yourself, reconnect with all parts of you?

Would you love to feel whole again?

Join me on my Healing Webinar

Tuesday February 12th
3pm CET, 2pm UK, 9am New York, 10pm Hong Kong and Perth
Replay available

I will share some easy to use healing tools, and then we dive into a deeply healing meditation.

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Looking very much forward to being with you.

Warm hugs

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