Our own perception of things

Things only appear as we perceive them

Last week, I attended an evening with Byron Katie. It was intriguing.

I was introduced to Byron Katie and her work by a book I got for my 40th birthday, 7 years ago, just after my separation. Funnily enough, I got it from my now ex-sister-in-law. She was always open to the spiritual path, too.


Opening the evening

Byron Katie’s event was interesting. I expected her to talk about her work and experiences, and I assumed it would be a presentation; however, she started the evening with asking us if we had questions.

I love her unconventional way, actually, I find it awesome, as it led right into a real life example of what her work is all about.

If you like to know more about Byron Katie, you can find her books on Amazon:

Loving What Is, by Byron Katie


At her evening workshop, I learnt how it all flows together – that whatever I learnt from others flows together effortlessly. It seems like a lot of puzzle pieces come together to form the tapestry of our lives. I love how we all have our way of going about things, and how there are so many great teachers out there on our paths who all bring us closer to understanding how we can best lead our life.

It is ok to go to different workshops. It is ok to learn different things. You know yourself and can recognize what is most meaningful at the moment. Remember, too, everything you experience is a puzzle piece you need right now.

I love that I see the greater picture now. I can see parallels in my life and really adore it.

The Workshop with Byron Katie has led me to think about:



We see things not the way they are, but how we perceive them.

This quote is adapted from Anaïs Nin’s quote, We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are‘.

If we step back in any situation and look at it from a different angle, we realise that it is often our own past or belief system that leads us to see it in a certain way. It is our own perception of things, our own upbringing, our own training.

We might have had situations in which we later realised, “Oh! That’s what it was. I didn’t see it that way, originally!” or where we try to change our own point of view to see the other person’s perspective.

It is a journey to become a free observer.



Whatever resonates with us is our story.

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer is: How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours‘.

It is our goal in life to release all pain and hurt, to see the world as it is. If we can live our lives detached from the opinions of others, we are free and truly living in the moment. We’ve found our inner joy and strength. We can lead our lives in our own ways.

Other people in our lives are just an indication of where we still resonate with pain, sorrow, guilt or grief – a reminder to do some healing on those issues.

When things come up, it is a sign that it is time to heal and release within.


Things only appear as we perceive them

 Present Moment.

The only time we have is NOW.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you every have.’ Eckhart Tolle.

We live in the Now. Whenever I worry or am sad, I remind myself, that right now, in this moment, all is fine, just as it is. I take a deep breathe and release.

If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.

A fabulous quote by Lao Tzu.

I always come back to this quote because I realise that I often worry about the future, that I am fearful of what it might bring. Fear is just a misuse of imagination, anyway. However, I have no idea how the future will be. All I can do is take the right (or just one) step NOW, do the best I can in this moment, and let go of the fear so I can enjoy the NOW.

Often, I regret things I’ve said or done and think about how it influences me. It is time, instead, to come back to the here and now and do the best I can, remembering that it was the past that brought me here in the first place and that I can always change my Now.


Influences from the Past

We are so often influenced by what we have already experienced in our lives. We perceive life as we know it.

Can we just learn to detach ourselves from all belief and thought, and to just be present in this one moment in time?

The more we heal and release our blockages, the more we are in the flow and the more we are able to enjoy the present moment.

Often, we do not even know how much our past experiences influence us still in the present moment.

Time to heal, time to release, time to be present.

If you love some help with staying in the present, this Meditation helps you to release fear and come back to love, our true essence:

Transmute fear into Love


I love how the great teachers all look into the same direction. They are all guiding us along our path.

This is something I truly enjoy seeing.
Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy


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