Our Chakra System

Our Chakra System

The 7 well known chakras and two extra chakras I always use


You might have heard of the 7 main chakras, the ones that you use in Yoga or have heard about them on your spiritual journey.

There are many more chakras, each Organ has one or more, plus are there many earth stars and Universal chakras that are in our energy body.

When I do my energy healing sessions, I focus on the main 7, plus 2 extras that I always use.

Let’s dive in and see what I can read from each of your chakras:


Crown Chakra

The portal to the Universe, where you feel supported and guided, also when you trust in life. The Universe always has your back.

When this chakra is blocked you feel disconnected, you feel unsupported and like life is always happening to you.


Third Eye

You allow yourself to dream fully, you see your next step clearly and you love life.

When this chakra is blocked you just keep going, life is grey, you lack joy and have no dreams, each day is bleak.


Throat Chakra

You can speak up clearly and lovingly. You ask for what you want, and you can easily say NO to others. You trust your voice and you trust your path.

When this chakra is blocked you have a hard time speaking up, you fear speaking and have a hard time saying no. Also uncreative, and lost.


Heart Chakra

You feel loved, worthy, deeply connected and supported, you are in the flow and life is bringing you good things. You feel full of love and love to share the love with others. You feel like you have arrived.

When it is blocked you feel dull, unloved, lost. Pain and hurt can close down your heart chakra.

Chakra Healing

Solar Plexus

Feeling good about yourself, doing things, stepping out of your comfort zone, life is great and I can do it. You are excited about each day.

This chakra is often blocked by fear, worries and second guessing yourself. You feel small, and look for others to help you. Needing to be rescued, as you don’t trust you can do it.


Naval Chakra

One of my extra ones. I always work with the naval chakra, that’s where your inner batteries are. We can clear this chakra, refill your batteries and connect you to your inner sunshine, so you feel good and happy.

When this chakra is blocked, you feel a lack of energy, like it is grey, you lack sunshine and smiles in your life.


Sacral Chakra

You are open to creativity; you feel connected to your inner wisdom and wise woman. Your body is your temple. You feel sensual and happy to dance.

When this chakra is blocked you can feel trapped, intimidated, used, manipulated, and uninspired.


Base Chakra

Our connection to mother earth. Feeling good in your body, alive and happy in your earthly body. Supported and full of life.

When this chakra is blocked you can feel burned out, depressed, lack of energy, and a feeling of wanting to go home.


Spleen Chakra

Another extra one I use, it’s the overall energy center, like the controller of all the other chakras. Flow, Love, Full of energy.


Other chakras I use:

The chakras on the side of your hips,

under your knees,

feet chakra (feeling grounded)

as well as elbows and hands.

Plus all the ones that come up, when clearing, eg Lungs, Kidney, Liver whatever my client needs in that particular session.

It is important that they are all open, clean and also that they are aligned


Where do you feel a bit blocked?

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And let’s see how you can come back into the flow again

With new energy and feeling great.


Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

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