Are you open to receive fully

What is holding us back from fully being able to receive?

What a wonderful word. We all would love to tap into the feeling of abundance. However, most of us are restricting ourselves from being able to receive. We are not open to receive fully.

I’ve worked with many clients around the topic, and held many Heart Flow Healing Sessions, through which I found that most of us are not able to receive for several reasons.

I love to help my clients release the blocks within themselves by applying my unique healing techniques and to see them get back into the flow of life and abundance.

Abundance is connected to self-worth issues, as well as our belief systems. Often, we embrace stories about abundance from our families or close friends. Sometimes, a vow made in a past life still influences feelings of abundance our current lives, too.

So let’s investigate those points a bit closer:



If you do not feel worthy, you cannot accept Abundance into your life.

You might feel

  • You have to do something to earn it
  • You have to be nice or compliant to be able to receive it
  • Guilty when you accept anything
  • That you owe everyone who is generous toward you


Very often people feel unworthy, or like they are not good enough to receive abundance.

We can only embrace as much as we feel worthy of.

Those restricting self-worth issues are holding us back from leading a fulfilling life. They cut us off from all forms of Abundance, as we withhold LOVE from ourselves too.


What I can do to help:

I sense into your energy system, and I can feel the pain, the hurt, and the blocks.

Then we work to heal the pain and hurt and remove the blocks, so you are back into your flow.

We will embrace the hurt inner child to heal it.

Remember this is a process. Give yourself time and allow the layers to fall away one at a time, and keep going. Be gentle and nurturing throughout the process of healing.


Belief Systems

We often have limiting beliefs about ourselves and life.

They can be something like:

  • Life is hard
  • I have to earn love
  • I have to work hard
  • Rich people are arrogant
  • Poor people are happy

These beliefs and many more can block abundance. What do you believe?

Remember these beliefs are only thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.

What I can do to support you:

I’ll point out limiting beliefs so that we can turn them around in order to allow you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

I will sense your energy system and really feel into your belief system so that we can cleanse it and wash away old sorrow.

You will feel more refreshed and ready to start anew, with love and light.

Remember this is a process. Give yourself the time that is needed. It is ok to fall back into former beliefs – you will notice that you will be more aware of limiting thoughts and able to redirect them. Be gentle and nurturing with yourself throughout your healing process.



Our upbringing and the people around us influence many of us. If our parents had to watch their spending, if they had to work hard for their money, if your friends have a hard time finding wonderful jobs, if those around us seem unhappy too, we bring this negative energy in as well.

It’s time to learn you are the creator of your own life. You are not your parents. You can love them and be grateful they looked after you; however, you can start writing a new chapter in your own life now.

Often, you do not even realize how much of the beliefs of others you’ve taken in until someone holds up the mirror and shows you.

What I can do to help you:

I will be able to hold up this mirror for you, showing you how your childhood has influenced your life now.

If you are ready to move on and grow through it, we can heal childhood issues and find beautiful new beliefs.

Are you ready to heal past hurts or limiting beliefs? Are you ready to grow? I’d be happy to sense into your energy system, release all blocks and guide you to a healing place.

Remember this is an ongoing healing journey. Allow yourself the time it takes to fully heal. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable while you grow. This is a normal part of the process and worth it. You’ll find that being in the flow and feeling the effortlessness of receiving is just amazing.


Past Lives

Many times, a past life influences your Abundance feeling in the here and now.

In one of your past lives, you might have experienced:

  • living in poverty
  • having a hard time
  • being burnt at the stakes
  • dying a cruel death
  • sickness
  • grief

So many things can hold you back from experiencing the Abundance you wish for now. You might have made an oath of poverty or you might have vowed to never feel dependent again. You might have felt betrayed and no longer trust any good coming your way.

It’s time to heal and integrate the lessons.

What I can do:

I immediately get a sense of whether the problems in the here and now have a link to a past life. I can guide you to embrace the lessons you learnt from that life without reliving the pain it brought. Healing your connection and the pain towards that past life will free you up in this life, so you can live it more fully and abundantly.

Remember healing takes time. We can only heal the connection to one past life at a time, clearing one layer at a time. Be gentle and open while enjoying the flow, and also notice when another block comes up as it can indicate a place to experience more healing.


I love healing

I so love to assist you through your healing process.

Feeling Abundant is wonderful. Who would not want to feel Abundant?

I love to combine my Akashic Record Readings with my healing abilities and bring you the best of both worlds in my very own combination.

There are no words to describe the feeling I get when I see my clients smile and feel freed – back in their flow. This is sheer awesomeness and it makes my heart sing.

Healing is a process

Healing is a process

Of course, you can just come for one session. You will feel lighter and get a sense of the flow after we are done. If you need more healing, the feeling of flow might not last very long. If you are lucky you remember how you felt after the session and come for more.

Remember this is an ongoing process. We can remove one layer of beliefs at a time. You will feel more in the flow; however, soon enough, a new layer might come up ready to be removed. So give yourself time to heal and keep working on it.

I would love for you to get the most out of your healing journey – not just an inkling with one session, but a deep healing experience, and a lasting one.

My special offer for you today:

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I am happy to walk with you towards your feeling of Abundance.



Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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