Summer Solstice

There is nothing like living from an open heart filled with love. I learnt to re-open my heart and being in the flow is just amazing, everything just seems so effortless now.

I understand the need for closing down our hearts. It’s so that we won’t feel the pain and hurt any longer, some experiences leave us needing to protect ourselves.

I will explore and share with you why I love guiding others to re-open their hearts to love again.


Living with a closed heart

It can be so challenging to keep our hearts open when we’ve been hurt. I probably started to close down my heart in childhood, not being able to get the love from my parents that I so desperately craved.

Later in my teenage years after my first relationship broke apart, I felt heart broken, unloved, and I did not want to feel that pain and hurt any longer, so I closed my heart a bit more.

Going through an unhealthy marriage, I closed down and gave myself up more and more, just trying not to feel the emptiness, the hurt and pain, the need for emotional connection.

I have been there, and I felt so unloved, so burned out, so depressed. Yes, I was trying to protect myself form feeling the pain and hurt, however, I did not feel any joy or fun either.

Living from a closed heart kept me small; it was like I was living in a black and white world.


What difference is there living with an open heart

Living in my small black and white world, I did miss the colours, I missed the rainbows, I was desperate for the light, for a bit of fun. I had no idea how to be playful. I was so proper and focused on trying to be who I felt I needed to be to fit into the box.

Till I could no more, till I had no energy to keep that protection up.

One day, I just opened my heart

  • I let the tears flow
  • I allowed myself to laugh
  • I allowed myself to have fun
  • I relaxed
  • I took things easy
  • I released the burden
  • I allowed myself to just be (for small moments each day)


Once I allowed that ray of light and love enter my heart, I was able to heal and release and bring in more light and more love, and bit by bit my heart opened up more and more.

It was an amazing journey, reconnecting with my true essence, with me, with the love within and all around me.

Then one day, I was able to see the rainbow in my cloud, and see life in colours again, I opened up to the whole spectrum of life.

I released past pain and hurt, easily without being drawn into the hurt again. I allowed myself to feel deeply, I allowed myself to feel pain and hurt as I allowed myself to feel the joy and fun and happiness as well.

And I was fine, I realised I am perfect just the way I am.

Would you love to see the rainbow and live in all the colours of your life too?

Summer Solstice 4



I learnt that it all starts with me that I can find everything within.

Connecting to the Universe, reassured me, that I am not alone and that I am deeply loved. It allowed me to open up more and more each day.

I learnt that Self Love is essential, not selfish like I thought all my life.

It all starts with love for ourselves.

Are you ready to open up to the love within you?


My Self Love Story

There was a time when I felt exhausted, worn out, and like a cow that had to give more and more milk, even though I felt like I had nothing left to give. It was like I just crashed there and couldn’t go any further. I had zero energy left. I often saw myself like a cow lying on her belly all four legs spread out; completely spent, not capable of one single step more.

We can learn to look after ourselves, we are allowed to put ourselves first by listening to our own guidance and bodies. We can embrace the knowledge now, that if we do not take enough time to recharge, we are not helping ourselves or our kids either.

Once we see how important it is to be a good role model for our kids, we may see the same pattern of ‘over-giving’ in our daughters too. As we are able to release the guilt we gain a greater sense of ourselves. We can find how to embrace ourselves just the way we are – which opens us to feeling amazing and fulfilled.

Some people may have the concern, “What if we have no time to look after myself?” And I would love to share how much we can feel that looking after everyone else is more important than looking after ourselves… However if we do not take time to look after ourselves – no one may do this for us either. And if we end up in burnout we will not be able to serve anyone. I believe we can all find small and consistent slots of time throughout the day to recharge.

Looking after ourselves is essential and not selfish.

What is one thing you could do for yourself today?


Learn to open your heart

I am happy to guide you to get a glimpse into your heart, and allow you to open it gently letting in a ray of light.

We are all able to love deeply. We are all deeply loved. I want to invite you to trust the Universe, and trust your own guidance.

Reconnect to the core of truth within you, the seed that was planted at your birth, the seed of love, so you can connect to your own essence of inner love.

During my guided meditation I will gently guide you to reconnect with your heart, and open it gently to the light.

  • You are worthy of love.
  • It is safe for you to feel loved.
  • You are lovable

Those affirmations have helped me, hope they assist you on your opening your heart journey too.

I’d like to invite you to gently say these to yourself:

  • I am worthy of love.
  • It is safe for me to feel loved.
  • I am lovable

How do those make you feel?

Summer Solstice 2


Summer Solstice Gathering

The Summer Solstice is always a magical occurrence. People celebrated the light, honoured the sun and the seasons, and practiced gratitude.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. From Winter we built up to the light, the days get longer and longer, the sun comes up earlier and stays up later, till the peak on the summer solstice (June in the Northern Hemisphere and December in the southern hemisphere).

It is the day, when the sun is directly above the northern Tropic of Cancer latitude line parallel to the equator.

There are several ways to celebrate summer solstice.

I loved that the ancient Chinese way, when they devoted the summer solstice to honor the earthy, femininity and the force known as yin.

You can read more about all the different ways of ancient celebration on


I feel a strong urge to reconnecting with my wise woman, and ancient rituals. I love exploring my Yin Energy.

How do you feel about connecting with ancient wisdom?


Join me for a Summer Solstice Gathering on June 21

We will gather and talk about Self Love.

We will learn how to open our hearts to the light and love, embracing all the rays of colours.

We will dive into a guided meditation, relax, find peace and calm, while also releasing some of the old pain and hurt easily, it is like an energetic shower.

I am looking very much forward to being with you.

Summer Solstice 3

A replay is available to all that sign up, if you cannot make it live.

Wednesday June 21

2pm CEST, 1pm London, 8am New York

from the comfort of your home.

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Warm hugs


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