Loving Conversations With Me

My new book is out, I love to share so much about love.

I invite you to a conversation with me on, of and about love, and by doing so I also invite you to a conversation with yourself and about love.

I have been looking for love most of my life, yes mostly unconsciously.

Now looking back I see, how I was looking for love in men, in motherhood, in friendships, I so needed the approval and the reassurance, that I am lovable, that I bend over backwards to fit in, I tried to please others, just so I was liked.

I felt I was ok, I was content, who needs to be happy or joyful.

Still I felt like something is lacking in my life, something is not right, there should be more I felt, rather than getting up getting through the day and going back to bed, day in day out, a sheer endless routine.

After my marriage ended, and I was going through a divorce, my kids were growing up, I felt I needed a new purpose. So looking for my purpose in the hope that I would then be finally happy and fulfilled. Little did I know that I went from being Caroline the Mom to Caroline the Healer, and I was still missing a crucial part, being me, being Caroline without a role, simply Caroline, that’s all that is ever needed, us being ourselves.


It all comes back to love.

You see, after my separation I met a man, I call him James in my book. When I met James it felt like a miracle, someone loves me, after being 20 years with Toni (the name I give my Ex husband in my books) turning 40, I never felt, that there would be a man out there, that would love me. So when James entered my life I was so happy and felt so loved, so very loved. He was proof that I was lovable. I integrated him into my life, I saw him as the surrogate husband, and the surrogate father of my children. It all seemed perfect, till it was no more. I was blind again, and overdid in the name of love.

I again did ignore the warning signs, and I kept going, as being in a relationship was much more important to me than being happy.

If James is proof, that I am lovable, if he leaves, then that is proof that I am unlovable.

When this relationship ended, I was so sad, I cried for 5 days, I crawled under the duvet, and cried and cried. I also realized that I was dealing with a double whammy, I was not only grieving the end of this relationship with James, but also finally grieving the end of my marriage, I was letting go big times.

When I raised, like the phoenix from the ashes, I realized, how needy of love I was. How I needed a man in my life to feel loved.

I also knew that no man in the world could love me enough for me to feel truly loved. I knew also, that if I loathed myself so much, and did not love myself, why should anybody else be able to love me.


Others can only love me as much as I loved myself.

That’s when I started an inwards journey, a journey to love.

I learned to accept myself, just the way I was, and learned to love myself more and more each day.

I learned to be compassionate and gentle and caring with myself, like I would with my children.

Step by step my life light up, I felt happier, more fulfilled and more grounded.

Yes I came a long way, I learned to love myself for who I am, and I learned to be Caroline.

I know now that I am lovable, and worthy of love by simply being me. I do not have to proof myself to anyone, and yes I also learned to be more assertive.

I am happy being single, and when I meet my soul mate, I know I will speak up, I will state my wishes, and I will trust my intuition, and I would not be afraid to step away from an unhealthy relationship.

I have come a long way, I learned so much about myself and life in itself.

I have written all the stories down, I share from my heart to yours, I share my stories on how I reconnected with the love, how Love, self Care, self love and self worth are connected.

There are 31 chapters in this book, 31 healing exercises, one at the end of each chapter.

My aim is to inspire you, and lead you back to self love too.

We can all do with more love in our lives, true love, the love from within.

To celebrate the love we all are, I have created a gorgeous Love Bundle, it includes

  • Audios of my healing exercises, so you can lie back and just listen to the meditations
  • Access to my Heal Your Heart Webinar, a video you can watch and heal
  • Access to my Book Club, join a wonderful group of readers and seekers of love
  • Plus 8 gorgeous gifts from my soul sisters

You can find my Love Bundle here

I keep this offer open all summer, as I am all about sharing love, and this is pure love.

You can order my book

Loving Conversations With Me

On Amazon, or other online stores, just search for Caroline Palmy, and you will see all my books, also my first one Conversations With Me. Both books are available in English and German as a kindle E-book version or Paperback, if you love to hold it in your hand.

Feel free to share this with anyone you feel could profit from some loving gentle nurturing words and love.

I am deeply honoured to sharing love with you

Warm hugs and much love

Signature Caroline Palmy



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