my fear of missing out

When childhood issues come up

We all have fears and touch on fearful thoughts every day. Some of the things we fear are new fears, and some are old fears. Sometimes, when we listen to our fears, we get a sense of having been in a similar situation before, remembering childhood situations where we felt exactly the same. When that occurs, it is time to connect with your inner child and send love to your inner child and that situation.

When you notice a recurring fear, it is time to embrace your inner child, letting her know that everything is going to be ok and sending the knowledge of how things can turn out.


I encountered such a situation last week.

I was meditating in nature. I was contemplating feeling lonely and left out.

I am putting together a lovely e-Course, and I saw many of my friends already making progress with their e-Courses while I’m still considering what topic to focus on.

Should it be:

  • Self Love
  • Assertiveness
  • Life Purpose
  • Re-connecting with your true self
  • Grounding
  • Healing past relationships
  • Being an Empath
  • Introversion
  • Earth Angels
  • Soul Tribe


*Please let me know which topic you’d find most interesting. I’m always happy to have feedback from you!


Feeling Left Out

I felt left out and left alone like everyone was having fun – progressing and achieving and succeeding.

But I was alone, not really knowing what theme to pick or where to start.

I also felt fearful of missing out. I felt if I do not do everything now, I would never ever be able to launch a course again.


Have you ever felt left out?



Wow. It is already nearly the end of May and June is coming. It’s the end of the school year, which is always busy with kids and end of school activities, so there is not much time for my business or myself. Then it is July, meaning summer vacation, August coming back from vacation, then right back into school and the new/old routine. And then September, starting work in earnest. Would it really be worth all the effort when the end of the year is already looming ahead? October and November will pass, and then it is December, with everybody in Holiday Spirits and not ready to jump on a new course.


Have you ever felt like you are running out of time?


Feeling sorry for myself

Oh yes, I did feel sorry for myself – and that is OK. It just showed that I needed some tender loving self-care.

I felt the doom coming on… If I did not start an e-Course right away, I would have missed my one and only chance at it.

Like we all only get one chance or opportunity.

However, I realized that I needed more time and support.


Have you ever felt sorry for yourself?



The Universe loves us

While I sat there pondering my situation, I knew the Universe loves us and has abundant opportunities ready for us. If we pass on one opportunity, it will send another one.

It’s like with a learning opportunity: if we do not learn our lesson the first time around, the Universe sends another opportunity for us to learn and grow. This opportunity just comes in a different colour and texture.

So, how can I believe that what I deem as being ‘ bad’ stuff comes around and around till we learn from it, and simultaneously feel like a positive opportunity only comes around ONCE in a lifetime?

  • Me, a mother of three beautiful children
  • Me, a believer in the good and the positive in the Universe.
  • Me, a believer in the law of attraction,

Why do I have those limiting beliefs?

Why do I feel so unloved, so unsupported, so lonely, so left out.


Have you ever wondered why you felt a certain way?


Childhood memories

Then I realised I felt this way before. I felt left out at other times in my life.

I remembered me, as a child. I remembered how left out I felt when everyone got invited to a birthday party, but I did NOT.

I remember how party invitation after party invitation passed me over, and how I felt so alone like I was missing out on all the fun everybody else had.

I realised that, because I was a sensitive child, I had a hard time fitting in and making true friends. Despite all my efforts as a small child, I never integrated into the community. I was never invited in and always felt like an outsider.

So, that life experience came knocking on my door again, after decades had passed.

I resonated with that small, poor, lonely, left out child.


Did you ever reconnect with a feeling or fear from your childhood?


Time to heal

It was time to embrace that hurt inner child. I took some time to talk to my inner child, the younger version of me.

I told her all about life, and what I had learnt since I was her.

I showed her how much we had both grown since then.

Seeing the learning steps we took, embracing all those long ago experiences taught us profound lessons.

And forgiving everyone involved – and ourselves – for how we felt wronged and left out.

Asking the Angels and the Universe to shower us with love, and to heal us so that we would be able to step forward in confidence, feeling supported, knowing that there would be more opportunities out there for us and that everything would be ok.


Send love to your experiences. Send love to your inner child and to the younger version of yourself.

I’d love to help you along your healing path and to assist you in getting back into the flow of love. Let’s chat ([email protected])!



It takes so much trust:

  • Trust in life
  • Trust in the Angels
  • Trust in the Universe
  • Trust in our own guidance

Know all will be well, no matter what happens.

Acknowledge the fact that, if you missed this train, another one will arrive at your station and take you to YOUR preferred destination.

All will be well eventually. Trust Divine Timing, too!

Each of us is walking our own path in our own time.

There is no need to compare yourself to others or try to walk someone else’s path.

Now is your time.

Now is our time.

Now is the time for each of us to just take our own next step, no matter how small that might be.


Can you trust the Universe?


You are so supported on your path…


Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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