the moon and its phases can help us in our everyday life


The moon helps us to connect to our female energy, the loving, nurturing, caring energy.

I often ask Archangel Haniel for help in connecting with the Moon.

  • Do you Moon Bathe?
  • Do you observe and connect to the Moon in the sky?
  • Do you know or mark your diary with the dates and days of Full and New Moon?

These are just a few ways to connect to the Moon and be more aware of its cycle and how it can affect us.


The Cycle of the Moon

The Moon appears on the sky as:

New Moon

Waxing Moon

Full Moon

Waning Moon


The Cycle of the Moon goes from New Moon to waxing moon (half-moon growing) to Full Moon, Waning Moon (half-moon descending) to New Moon again.

So now let’s look deeper into each phase of the moon and how it correlates with our bodies and energies:


New Moon

Best time to:

  • start new things
  • Plant new seeds
  • Set intentions
  • Be and go within
  • Listen to your intuition

Archetype: Wise Woman

Season: Winter

Element: Earth

Women’s Cycle equivalent: Start of Period


Waxing Moon

Best Time to:

  • be active
  • Create things
  • Be young at heart
  • Enjoy the surge of energy

Archetype: Maiden

Season: Spring

Element: Air

Women’s Cycle equivalent: Follicular phase

phases of the moon


Full Moon

Best time to:

  • harvest
  • Complete things
  • Be out there

Archetype: Mother

Season: Summer

Element: Fire

Women’s Cycle Equivalent: Ovulation


Waning Moon

Best time to:

  • let go
  • Release
  • Go within
  • Embrace the wild within you

Archetype: Wild Woman

Season: Autumn

Element: Water

Women’s Cycle Equivalent: Luteal phase (PMS)


You see we go through each season and archetype and element during a Moon Cycle.

We have mini seasons within each Moon cycle, no matter what season we have in nature.

Time to go within and be quiet is essential every month, not only in winter.

With the list above, explore connecting to the different archetypes and elements as you go through the month, have fun and notice what is going on within yourself during each part of the cycle.

It is ok when your menstrual cycle is not aligned with the Moon, I included the female cycle to explain how we could be feeling during this moon phase.


Meditations and Webinars that can help you

As you can imagine, I love creating meditations on the full moon and also webinars. You can download yours here

Full Moon Release Meditation:

Full Moon Release Webinar:


Heart & Soul

Learn more about the Moon in our latest episode of Heart and Soul. Janet Groom and I are sharing about the cycle of the moon and how it can help us.


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