Healing sunshine

Waking up from Winter grey and cold into beautiful warm and sunny Spring

Oh, I love Spring and all that comes with it. I love the sunshine, the warmer temperatures, and being outdoors. I love to walk around and find new flowers and leaves on the trees.

I feel the awakening within. I feel like I just came out of a long winters sleep. I am in need of sunshine and warmth, just like our tortoises having come up from hibernation… they just sit there and bask in the sunshine.

Yes, that is how I feel. I need to store up my energy and breathe in the sun to keep me going through the rainy days. How to make your healing sunshine last?



Sunshine is a tonic for our systems. It is essential for life – healing and so loving.

I feel like a different person when the sun is shining. I am full of energy and an “I can do it” spirit.

Sunshine equals joy to me. It helps me connect to feelings of bliss and fun, and gets me excited for new adventures.

The sun always puts a smile on my face.

Hello, Sunshine! I love you!

Vitamin D

One of the best ways to get Vitamin D naturally is to absorb it from the sun shining on your skin. Exposing your skin to sunshine (without sunscreen) every day can work wonders. (Don’t forget to keep your skin tone and the time of day in mind when you are soaking up the sun.)

Being outside doing fun things and getting a boost helps our whole being.

You can find information about getting more Vitamin D in this article.


Sunshine can burn away deep sorrow and pain. It helps us to release old issues too.

I expose my belly area to the sunshine as often as I can, so that the sunshine can burn away all negative emotions that are stored in my solar plexus chakra (mid-belly region).

The front side is for current emotions.

Exposing your backside helps heal stored emotions from the past, like guilt, jealousy, and etc.

I just love to let the sunshine warm my skin and clear my solar plexus chakra.

After a long winter, I can’t wait for the sun to come out again. Whenever possible, I sit outside and bask in the sunshine like our pet tortoises do. Each year when the tortoises come up from their hibernation, they walk into the sunshine and just stand there and bask in the sun, letting the sun warm them up and restore their energy, so they can move around and prepare for the warmer months.

I feel like I need to store up some energy and warmth from the sun, too – and to get rid of all the grey and cold that has stored in my bones over the cold, dark months.

It’s like dusting off the cobwebs of winter.

Storing for a rainy day

We all have a little energy storage system near our navel (belly button).

Sitting in the sunshine, concentrating on your belly button, imagine breathing sunshine into your naval. It will help you to restore your batteries, and to feel less tired or drained on a gray day.

I often feel depleted on a grey day; I miss the sunshine. Being able to store some warmth and love while the sun is out helps me get through the grey and rainy days, too, without feeling too tired.


Walking and grounding

Walking barefoot on grass or moss really helps you to connect with Mother Earth and also helps you feel more grounded.

You can absorb this loving energy through the soles of your feet and store it in your body. You do also release lower energies and feel refreshed.

Grounding helps you feel connected to the here and now.

Feel the warmth and love of the Earth now.


Turn towards the sun

Turn towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.

Like so many flowers do.

See the sunny side of things.

Allow yourself to move into the light.

Do not let anything hold you back.

Your time is now.



Carry your own sunshine

Carry your own sunshine in your heart

and keep shining, Beautiful One.

Let no cloud block your internal sunshine.

If you love to connect with your inner sunshine, this Embrace the Sun withinn meditation will help you.

Warm hugs, and lots of sunshine

Signature Caroline Palmy

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