why it helps to be in a loving energy



What’s love got to do with it? Everything.

We all might have different definitions on love, we also might feel slightly different about it.

For me it is when my heart is wide open, and I feel the flow, it is amazing and wonderful and a bit indescribable.


My definition of love

We all come from love, and we all go back to love

Meanwhile here on earth we are all someway or another looking to connect to that love, the eternal love, the unconditional beautiful all-encompassing love.

I have been there, I had the longing to go home for such a long time, I wanted to feel that love again.

Now I know, that my journey is to embrace my earthly life, my humanness, and all that comes with it.

We can connect to the love within, the love from Mother Earth and the love from the Universe, we can also lean into our angels and feel the love.

If you ever felt like you needed to share unconditional love, stop putting so much pressure on yourself, we are human, we can only do conditional love, and that is ok. Plus, we can come close to unconditional love, right?


When do you feel love?

Looking back I realise I only ever felt loved when I was in a relationship, and I knew that had to change.

I ask you to take a moment, and close your eyes and remember a time you felt truly loved. Notice where you were, when it was and maybe who you were with.


Expressions of love

There are many ways we can express our love:

  • Hugs, hugging someone or yourself
  • Words, saying I love you (also to yourself in the mirror)
  • Looks, it is in your eyes….
  • Sharing, the feeling and all about love, love multiplies when it is shared
  • Being, be love, express love, use love, feel love

It starts within

Like everything in life, love starts within,

If you truly want to change your life for the better, start loving yourself, feel the flow and finally feel good about yourself.

Self love is key

My Self Love Program has helped many clients truly feeling so much better about themselves and starting to lead their life and become the woman they were always meant to be.

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Heart & Soul Show

Janet Groom and I talked about Love in our show this week

Find more insights and also easy to use techniques to be more loving

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If you love to lead a more loving life

I am here for you

Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

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