Do you know the feeling of loving something so much that you do it over and over but then, after a while, you kind of get bored with it? This can happen with a food too: you crave and eat something specific and then all of a sudden you lose your taste for it. Yes, this happened to me with my Intuitive Angel Readings.

Years ago, when I was certified as an Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, I started doing Angel Readings. They always felt like so much fun, and I had clients come from all over the world wanting a reading.

It was easy; they could send me the question, and I could take my time to sit with it, tune into the Universe and the Angels and ask for clarity and guidance. I wrote out all of the details and inspiration and sent off an email.

My clients were happy, I was happy. It was good.

Then after a while, the inspiration to do angel readings so often left me. I still loved doing them, but was looking for something different— something different—maybe a new challenge.

So I quit offering Angel Intuitive readings on my website and offered Energy System Readings instead. I was checking into each chakra of my clients and channeling insights and maybe helpful rituals for them… tools they could use.

Somehow, the Energy System Readings were never a big hit. People probably did not understand what they were, and yes, quite frankly, it is much easier to ask a question and get an answer. I sensed most people had no idea of how an Energy System Reading could serve them.

Then, of course, the Universe sent me signs in the form of clients, who asked for readings. Caroline, are you still doing Angel Intuitive Readings? Can I book a reading with you?

“Yes, of course,” Was always my response. I love to do readings.

All of a sudden it made sense. Yes, I LOVE doing readings, so why did I ever stop doing them, I was wondering.

Now I realize that I probably just needed a break from it all. I realized that I sometimes like to try out new things, only to find out that what I was doing was perfect in its own way.

So now, I am offering Intuitive Angel Readings again, with great love and passion. I am so thrilled and excited! I love to channel and let me tell you, I feel my channel has grown and is even more profound now.


How does an Angel Intuitive Reading work?

I connect to the Universe and the Angels.

I send them your question or your area of concern.

Then I am open up to receive their guidance.

Their advice often comes in the form of pictures and feelings. Sometimes I see written words, or I just know things.

I then have to ‘translate’ this all into words to convey with you.

It might sound complicated, but the process is very easy for me. I have done it many years—probably for my whole life. I am an Empath and a highly sensitive person, so tapping into the world of the Angels is easy for me. I also used to channel and receive messages when I was young. I am happy to be so connected with the spirit world, and I trust the guidance I receive.

I also channel and receive messages during my healing sessions, and the more I do it, the more I trust the information I get and the more precise the messages are.

Of course, I follow my little rituals. I make sure I am undisturbed, ready and relaxed to receive and fully tuned into your question. This is part of my daily practice.


What do I need from you?

It is simple. If you have a question, ask it.

If you have an area in your life where you’d love some guidance or insights in, share this with me.

You can simply book an Intuitive Angel Reading and share your question or concern or an area you love guidance on with me.

That is all you need to do.



What will you receive?

You will receive a beautiful PDF document via email.

Your Intuitive Angel Reading will contain all the answers and guidance that came through during the time I spent channeling for you.

Often there are insights, like how you can improve a situation, or what you can do to help yourself.

I usually provide your Intuitive Angel Reading within 3 business days. There might be exceptions, of course, during busy times or if someone in my family (myself included) needs a day or two to deal with an illness. I will inform you of the delay via email.


What previous clients said:

I remember one of my first clients. She was so happy with my reading; it brought her so much peace and love. She carried the printout of my reading with her all the time. Whenever she started worrying again, she took my reading out and re-read it. It brought her peace instantly. After a while, she told me that the paper was well worn… and she had to print it out again.

I love feedback like this.

Another client mentioned that for the first time she felt truly understood and it brought her great relief.

Isn’t it beautiful when the Angels accept us just the way we are and can convey this within their message for you?


How can I help you?

So now, how can I help you?

What area in your life would you love some guidance on? Is your work environment problematic? Is there a concern within your family life? Do you feel like you love more insights into your personal life or spirituality?

I’d be happy to assist you with any of these questions. If you aren’t sure if I can work with a question you have, just email me to find out.


Do you have a burning question? Would you love some insight and guidance?

Wonderful… I’d be happy to help.



Special Offer

As I am reintroducing my Intuitive Angel Readings, I have a special offer for you.

Till the end of 2018, you can purchase your Intuitive Angel Reading for the re-introductory price of $65.

My Intuitive Angel Readings will go up to $77 on January 1st, 2019.

So now is the time to book your Intuitive Angel Reading.


Gift Idea

Did you know that you can use this special to purchase a gift reading for yourself or a friend?

If you purchase your reading before December 31, 2018, you can get the special re-introductory price.

You can then ask your questions later in 2019.

If you purchase an Intuitive Angel Reading for a friend, please send your friend’s name and email address when you purchase the reading, and remember I will need permission from your friend, and HER question to do the reading. I will only send the reading to her email address, as the insights contained within are for her eyes only. If she chooses to share it with you, that is up to her.

I’d also be happy to send you a gift voucher for your friend if you’d like.

If you’ve wanted to connect with the Angels or feel that a friend would benefit from an Intuitive Angel Reading, now is a great time to purchase one for yourself or for a nice holiday gift.


Book Your Angel Intuitive Reading here.


Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy


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