People who love solitude and need time for themselves to recharge are often mistaken for loners, arrogant or people averse.

Introverts love being social like everybody else, though they don’t enjoy it for a longer period, they love recharging after about 2 hrs, and they need alone time to do so.

We introverts are not anti-social or social phobes, or even socially inept, we are gorgeous souls, who just love people in short phases.

I can go into a crowd or be at a party, though I also know I need that extra time for myself afterwards, and usually after around 2 hrs I have had it. It gets a bit too much. We introverts are more connected within, so being with people we need to be out there, and afterwards need time to retrieve and go within again.

If you have a family member or especially an introverted child, please give them space so they can recharge in peace and on their own, or just with Mom (in the case of the child).


Signs you are more of an introvert

  • You enjoy solitude
  • You don’t enjoy loads of people for a longer period of time
  • You rather be in nature than at a big party
  • You definitely need quiet and alone time after a big event
  • You love meeting with friends, though for a short period of time is enough
  • You have a select few friends and you are content with this
  • You know you need peace and quiet often


What helps introverts

  • Having clear boundaries, saying no if it is too much
  • Being upfront, telling people you join their party, but only for 2 hrs
  • Making sure to integrate recharge time alone and nature time
  • Meet regularly with your friends one on one
  • Accepting yourself for who you are, it is ok not being the big party buff


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Janet Groom and I were sharing about Introverts, and how it has been for us.

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Warmest of hugs and you are amazing

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