clear the energy of your home

I am sharing my way of how to clear the energy of your home

with the help of Mother Earth, The Universe, the Angels and bring in fresh clear energy. 

I was featured in the latest Redfin Article:

“Harmonize and Balance Your Home: Space Clearing Techniques to Remove Negative Energy”


Your home should be a sanctuary, the space where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and feel happy, relaxed, and at peace. But if negative energy is lingering from recent arguments, illness, or even a recent breakup, your home can become toxic and dysfunctional and can impact every aspect of your life.


Space clearing is a technique for clearing energy to harmonize and balance your home. Whether you’re looking to cleanse your new home in Boise, ID, or have been living in your Orlando, FL condo for years but are feeling uninspired and drained, now is a good time to get rid of negative energy using space clearing techniques.


So what’s the proper space clearing technique? The truth is, there’s no tried and true method for space clearing. From sound healing and crystals to smudging and other daily practices, Redfin asked us, along with other experts to share what space clearing techniques are our go-to’s. Check out what we had to say!


Enjoy this article with many wonderful insights from fellow health practicioners:

Harmonize and Balance Your Home: Space Clearing Techniques to Remove Negative Energy


Enjoy a wonderful time and enjoy using one or several of the techniques mentioned in the article

let me know, how it’s going for you.

Warm hugs

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